My Anime Journey


Starting this blog, I couldn’t think of any other place to start then the beginning of my anime fandom.  Everybody who has stayed in the anime watching game for a huge amount of time has started in different places.  No two journeys are the same.  Some older fans started in the age where they had to find anime vhses at the local rental store.  A lot of newer fans have started with shows like Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan and have always had the ability to stream all the anime they want from the internet.  My journey starts in the middle with this little tv segment on Cartoon Network called Toonami.

When I was in Elementary school, I always came home as soon as possible to follow the robot Tom on his spaceship the Absolution.  Toonami already sounds awesome doesn’t it?  I was insanely obsessed with this tv segment because they always had what I considered the best shows.  No other tv network could match this one.  During this time I watched, DBZ, various gundam shows (which is still one of my major obsessions), Outlaw Star, Big O, Rurouni Kenshin, Tenchi Muyo, and even some western cartoons like Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Superman: The Animated Series.  These shows shaped me into what I am today.

Middle school is a blank zone for me because I was still watching toonami, but I don’t remember anything particular for this time period.  High school was a huge anime resurgence for me because my friends obsessed over Bleach and brought me with them into this show.  This was when Bleach was still in its prime in the middle of the Soul Society arc.  I was obsessed with this show all the way through high school.  Studying the Japanese language and joining a marching band where I had plenty of people to talk to helped cultivate my need and interest to watch anime also.   Now that I think about it, taking Japanese and marching band are why I choose my high school in my school district.  It was almost like fate.

My undergraduate education is where my love of the anime medium grew.  I was stuck on the shonen battle and mecha genres until I was a part of the universities anime club.  There I learned about all the different possibilities of what anime provides.  Ever since then, I’ve been doing my hardest to branch out and explore different genres so I am not stuck with the same sets of shows and find unusual gems that I would have skipped otherwise.  My anime journey has been wonderful and I definitely look forward to explore more shows and genres in the future.

As an anime fan, I have noticed that nobodies journey has been the same.  They are as unique as the medium of anime itself.  Even for people who started with Toonami like me, their journey took routes that my journey never did.  This is the charm of this amazing medium and why I continue to love it so much.

So still me, how did you start your anime journey?  I would love to hear other people’s experiences.

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