One Punch Man’s Hero Association

Every super hero TV show, cartoon, comic book, or movie have their own specific way that super heroes work together.  They all have different levels of which they are separated from the public.  Complete isolation to being completely funded by the public themselves.  No system is without its inherent flaws, but some are definitely better than others.  From the groups of super heroes that I’ve seen, I think One Punch Man has the best set up super hero system that I’ve seen.

The Hero Association from One Punch Man is completely open to the public.  Anybody can show up to a testing center and try out to be a hero.  A normal person could start at the lowest level of hero where they stop purse snatchers and kidnappers with the possibility of advancing if they pass the initial qualifying tests.  If they chose not to advance, first level or C-class heroes can still be popular with the public.  Online polls will dictate how popular you are with the people and they will even choose what nickname to give you.  From what I have seen in either the Marvel or DC universe, this is not a possibility at all.  They work on levels that are above the public’s eye.

In One Punch Man, the public are assured that the heroes are working for the public good.  Part of the public’s tax money is going toward the Hero Association for this reason.  The super heroes also work alongside normal people who tell them where to go in a crisis.  It’s very similar to S.H.I.E.L.D.  In the DC Universe, the Justice League is a self-governed group that is completely separated from the public.  To the public, it’s an unknown group with unclear intentions.  Will this group ever decide to take over the world?  Nobody knows.  This leads to projects like Cadmus which are made in response to these issues.  Marvel’s Avengers is not that much better.  Sure, the super heroes work alongside mostly normal people who are highly trained (S.H.I.E.L.D.), but they are still a part of an organization that is away from the general public.  Super Heroes are fighting about the issues of super hero registration in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and the Civil War comic.  One Punch Man already has that out of the way.

No super hero group is perfect and this goes for the Hero Association also.  Its major flaw is the same flaw with all over super organizations, people.  People have their own ambitions, their own ideas, their own powers, and their own plots and schemes.  Opening the Hero Association to the public allows more people with questionable personalities to join and hatch schemes.  This is also without talking about the people that are working in the office part of the hero association.  Endless amounts of Bureaucracy is not a good thing for any company to have.  These are powerful people that nobody knows about and they can hatch schemes that nobody will see until it’s too late.  Also, the hero association initially judges its heroes with an essay about heroism and an athletic ability test.  This causes a lot of the trouble for the protagonist of this series, Saitama.

One Punch Man’s Hero Association is still the super hero system that I’ve seen.  It takes an active role with the community in person and online.  It is an up to date system that knows its audience and mostly knows its heroes.  Future systems should take the Hero Association as its core and find ways to make it even better.  Maybe there is a way to make a super hero system perfect.

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