Top Ten Space Ships in Anime

I think this fact might be obvious about me, but science fiction is one of my favorite genres of any medium.  There is just something about the genre that trying inspires the imagination; the search for the unknown, the wondering of what makes a human a human, and the wonderful spaceships.   Spaceships represent not only the show you are watching, but the crew that is inside of them.  Since they both give and take from each other, they both have the same fates.  Ever since I’ve watched science fiction, I’ve always loved spaceships and this love has spread to the art form of anime.

This list is what I consider the top ten space ships in anime.  I openly admit that I haven’t watched every space science fiction anime series yet so I might be leaving some behind famous shows, but this is my list and I get to decide what my favorite ships are.  If you want to, please list your favorite anime spaceships in the comments section.  Also, I’ve noticed a lot of ships in series that look like space ships, but they are disqualified because they haven’t spent any time in space.

Ship Name:  Asura
Series’: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha/Aces/Strikers


The Asura is a very aesthetically pleasing ship, but the characters never fully spend time on the ship.  More time is spent either on the ground or in the air of the planets this ship is trying to protect.  Even though our main characters meet the crew members of the Asura play and they play an important role in the anime, we never spend that much time with them so we never learn about the ship and its quirks.  This ship represents more about the group and the standing laws behind the show then the main characters of the series so I never got emotionally attached to this ship.

Ship Name: Sidonia
Series: Knights of Sidonia


The Sidonia is a ship that isn’t a very aesthetically pleasing ship, but it’s a ship that supports what the viewers see as the last remaining portions of humanity.  Despite the fact this ship is more powerful than the Death Star, it is still fighting a losing war again it’s enemy the Guana.  The craters all over the ship show that it has been fighting for survival for a long time.  Where the ship loses points with me is the crew itself.  While we learn about some of them and the conspiracies, but the characters are not that diverse enough.  Character designs are insanely similar, due to cloning and possibly the cgi of the show itself, but they all feel way too similar sometimes.

Ship Name: Argonaut
Series: Heroic Age


The Argonaut is a humongous flagship of Princess Dhianeila of the metal tribe.  It has its gardens to grow food to support its population.  The crew in this ship embodies the peak ideals of humanity, just like the princess, and work the hardest to move humanity forward.  The ship and the show are sometimes over taken by the protagonists’ abilities, but this show wouldn’t be the same without this ship.

Ship Name: Outlaw Star
Series: Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star

The Outlaw Star is a ship that exemplifies Gene Starwind and his crew.  It’s fast, unique, is as high maintenance, and has arms just like it’s crew.  Yes, the Outlaw Star is a grappler ship that goes in actual armed combat against other ships.  Gene Starwind and company live and die by this ship.  They spend a lot of time working odd jobs just to keep the ship fully functional.

Ship Name: Nadesico
Series: Martian Successor Nadesico


This ship has a backstory as mysterious and an attitude as strange as the crew that takes command over it.  It is also the most powerful spaceship that Earth has possessed until the ship similar to it was produced.  It’s a great ship for a semi parody show that has maintains its heart when the darkness hits.  The ship is a great combination of ships in the lower numbers of this list.

Ship Name: Soyokaze
Series: Irresponsible Captain Tylor


Similar to the last ship, the Soyokaze is very similar to Captain Tylor’s personality.  It’s strange and had an infamous history of captains being killed off by the pirates inhabiting the ship until Captain Tylor arrived.  It also is a straight parody of the Space Battleship Yamato because it’s a destroyer that supposedly have no purpose in the conflict that the ship happens to be in.

Ship Name: Bebop
Series: Cowboy Bebop


The Bebop is just another character of the show.  It suffers when it’s crew suffers and it thrives when the characters thrive.  The Bebop is also a huge piece of the show’s setting.  The setting is a space western and the Bebop definitely gives off that feel.

Ship Name: Yamato
Series: Space Battleship Yamato


This is a ship that ventures out on its own for the good of humanity.  The Yamato is all of humanities will, technical prowess, and hope embodied into one ship.   It even is the same Yamato that was sunk in World War 2 and has an awesome giant laser canon.   Highly influential ship throughout anime.

Ship Name: Macross
Series:  Super Dimension Fortress Macross


The Macross is a humongous ship that can also transform into a robot that fires giant laser canons.  It also has a city in it with its own culture and people.   I don’t think I can say much more about it, but it’s an awesome ship.

Ship Name: White Base
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam

White Base

This is a ship that influenced all the other ships from the Gundam franchise and a lot of other ships.  The Zeon call it the Trojan Horse and it’s the most powerful ship the Earth Federation had in the One Year War.  It had a group of kids that formed a force as new as the ship.  They are the audiences guide for the morality of both sides of this war.


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