Top Ten Female Characters

To me, a character is someone who has their likes, their dislike, their flaws, their abilities, their weaknesses, their past, and what they want to be in the future.  Giving a character a weapon and allowing them to run around killing people for no reason at all does not make a good character.  No matter what, this is what I look for.  Here is a quick list of my top favorite female characters in anime not ranked in any particular order.

Faye Valentine
Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine

At first glance, Faye Valentine may seem like another fem fatale who uses how attractive she is to get her way from people, but she is more layered then that.  Faye was recently defrosted from being Cryogenically frozen with injuries that couldn’t be healed until Cowboy Bebop’s present time.  She doesn’t not have a strong link to her past and is given a crappy hand in life. Through street smarts and physically ability, she finds a way for her to live from day to day.

Fujiko Mine
Anime: Lupin the third

Fujiko Mine

Fujiko Mine has a different past depending on what series you watch, but her basic traits are the same.  When it comes to robbing and disguises, Fujiko is Lupin’s equal.  Her relationship with Lupin is very complex because she loves Lupin, but she never shows it unless Lupin is in trouble and unconscious.  Fujiko is also another fem fatale just like Faye, but Fujiko influenced Faye as heavily as Lupin the third influenced Cowboy Bebop.

Sara Werec
Anime: Soukou no Strain


Sara Werec is the sister of the famous Strain pilot, Ralph Werec.  She looks up to Ralph more than anybody else in her life.  A strain is an elite mech pilot that requires a brain unit to connect to it for increased performance.  One night, her brother and the enemy attack the school she is in and destroys everything.  Her friends, her school, her strain, everything.  With PTSD, she starts from the bottom to get to a point where she can face her brother head on and ask why he did attacked her school that day.

Balsa Yonsa
Anime: Seirei no Moribito

Balsa Yonsa

Balsa is a spear-wielder who seeks atonement for the eight lives that were taken for her to live as a child.  For her eighth atonement, she becomes the body guard of a prince who needs to be taken away from his kingdom.  Over the course of the series, she becomes the mother figure of this prince and she grows as much of a person as the prince does.

Mokoto Kusanagi
Anime: Ghost in the Shell


Depending on the series, either Motoko was caught in a horrible accident and her only way of survival was getting a hard to control prosthetic body.  Her own determination and mental fortitude from learning how to master her prosthetic body spread to how she lives her life.  The incident is she never had a fully physical body in her entire life and she doesn’t know what makes her human.  Either way, she becomes the leader of an elite group called Section Nine.

Holo the wise wolf
Anime: Spice and Wolf


Holo is a wolf god that was bound to a town so it can keep a good harvest.  At some point, the town becomes more self-sufficient and decide that Holo isn’t necessary anymore.  She joins a trader who she made a deal with to travel north to her original home land and she learns about economics on her way there.

Celty Sturluson
Anime: Durarara


Celty is a Dullahan on a quest to search for her long lost head.  She has shadow abilities, has a transforming horse that she rides in the shape of a motor cycle, and is the coolest head around the insanity around them despite not possessing one.  She talks to everybody through typing on her cell phone.  Celty is in love with a scientist Shinra, is afraid of the cops despite being a super natural entity, and is a legend around town.

Anime: Yona of the Dawn


Yona is a red haired princess whose kingdom is taken over from her childhood love interest.  The entire story is a journey Yona becoming an awesome bow welding leader from the starting point of a princess that never left her castle and had people waiting on her hand and foot.  Her journey of finding out who she is and what she can do is incredible.

Haman Karn
Anime: Zeta and ZZ Gundam

Haman Karn

There are a lot of good, strong female characters from the gundam franchise, but Haman Karn stands out from the rest of them.  When she first appears, she sits on a throne with the last princess of Zeon sitting right next to her.  This is the regent of the last remaining part of Zeon that fled the colonies after the one year war.  She is a strong new type with a huge level of charisma that makes questionable choices to make sure Zeon stays afloat.  Even decisions that are against our protagonist crew.

Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho


Genkai is the protagonist’s master that works him hard to fight the next enemies.  This may sound like a basic role, but it’s not like what you think.  She has her own mysterious past that the protagonist Yusuke gets involved in due to his own troubles.  She was trying to run away from her past in which she could have chosen to become immortal, but decided to take the path of humanity and age on.  This is a choice that affected her for the rest of her life.


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  1. Thank you so much for putting Celty on the list! (My god I sound like a parent) Everyone on this list (that I recognize) is so amazing and thank you for making this list!!

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