Erased Episode 10 Discussion (Spoilers)

It wouldn’t be a hard thing to say that my opinion of this show was shaken by this current episode.  Opinions that I had about the show until now where knocked down a bit until now and I was a bit confused about how I felt about it until now.  I needed to put my thoughts down on this show in writing somewhere, so since I have a blog this is where I decided to put it.  Beware controversial and spoilery opinions.

I think this show has failed has failed as a mystery show.  The villain was completely obvious from the start and this episode was a disappointment.  There were never any other suspects in the first place, so this makes the find the killer part of the show completely pointless.  I know that the character is a complete idiot, because he’s been an idiot throughout the entirety of the show so far, but that doesn’t make it any easier for the audience to watch.  The villain’s reveal and “this is my actual form” was completely melodramatic and ruined a lot of things for me.

From a character point of this, this episode was pretty flawless.  The main character was consistent throughout.  He was always too trusting for his own good and that got him at the end of this episode.  Also, we’ve seen the killer’s smile before around episode 6, so we knew that he was completely insane too.   I also know that the Satoru should have remembered his face before he went back in time, but still it’s in character for him.  He’s an idiot that says things out loud that he shouldn’t have said and his mom can guess what he’s about to say because he’s incredibly predictable, so it’s completely in his character for him not to remember the killer’s face.

At this moment, my opinion of this anime was shaken a little bit.  The animation, the characters, and some other parts of Erased are on point, but I am not sure if I can support it at a story or plot perspective as of now.  I know that there are two episodes left, so I will wait and see if this show changes my point of view of this anime so I will be patient.  If anything, it’s only two episodes away so watching 45 minutes of material isn’t that difficult.  Thank you for putting up with my opinions.

2 thoughts on “Erased Episode 10 Discussion (Spoilers)

  1. It was extremely obvious about who the kidnapper/killer was.

    But the thing is, even tho the show has the mystery tag. I still never viewed it as a mystery series.

    I viewed it as a series about time travel and going back in time to stop what occurred in the past.

    As for the MC not remembering the teacher’s face, I wouldnt say that is an outlandish idea to forget someone over a period of a 10 + year span… Heck even I cant remember the name of most of my elementary school teachers, yet I still am attending public education. So I wouldn’t consider it as a problem.

    This next point i will mention that you specifically never said about the show but some members of the anime community have. Some people believe the MC to be a pedophile. I personally believe this to be a false statement because of the following reasons: he never thought about anything pedophilic, he never said anything pedophilic, and he never did anything pedophilic… Therefore he is not a pedophile.


    I realize how you believe the show is not as good as it once was because you were able to solve the mystery long before it was revealed. Then I say congratulations, but i would never categorized that as a negative for the show. As for outlandish and idiotic occurences the show like how the one girl in the present time touched the door that led to a house fire instead of jumping out the window for a quick exit, and even the most recent episode where the MC was to smart enough to wiggle his way out of the seatbelt. I personally have no excuses as to why this occurred but yeah… They were stupid, but would I ever think bad of the series because they occured? Of course not.

    In conclusion, the show does have a lot of flaws. But none of them are anything major. Personally i believe erased is the very type of time travel series that i’ve been waiting for, something that Steins;Gate would never accomplish in my eyes.

    I personally would give it an 8/10 if (or when) i decide to make a review on the show.


    1. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, but for some reason this was in my spam folder. Didn’t realize that until recently, but yeah. I agree. My view point has changed a lot on erased since reading this because I didn’t have a solid position. At this moment, I feel like this would have been a decent two part hollywood film. It’s very cinematic and it’s like a Japanese Back to the Future. The weakest parts were still with the killer, but over all the experience wasn’t bad.

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