Elitism in Anime

I’ve been thinking about what elitism is truly anime for a while.  It is those pseudo intellectual types (I am somewhat guilty of this) that watch seemingly watch more complicated shows that are assumed to be automatically superior to all other shows?  Is it attached to those trolls who go on YouTube comments and online forums and then call every popular show crap (you know the word I was going to actually put here).  I honestly think this could be either of them.  To me, an elitist is somebody who considers their opinion objective and always looks down on other people for liking different things.

This may sound like a general description and that is mostly because it is.  A majority of the time, it feels like the anime community/fandom is at war with itself.  Newbies who just stepped into the anime realm are criticized for liking shows that are considered vastly subpar compared to the shows that the more experienced have watched.  At the same time, these newbies are going out and calling these people the title “Elitist” and may decide to never watch anything ever again.  This is a niche community and everybody attacking each other does not help this community’s grow.  It just makes people stay away from it like it’s a house on fire.

At the opposite end of this spectrum, I don’t think that have legitimate criticism toward different anime series should automatically be called elitism.  We are all humans, not robots, and we each have different tastes.  Despite general differences in tastes, we should stick together because everybody would have something different to talk about.  It is possible to run out of things to talk about when you are with people who always have the same opinion, so having a fresh take can make things interesting.

Honestly, it has taken me a long time to ever consider this point of view.  I used to be that kind of person that always looked down on beginning shows and it’s took me a lot of time and thought to get into this all accepting kind of thinking.  It’s easy to discriminate and hard to accept.

6 thoughts on “Elitism in Anime

  1. It’s just how things are. Sometimes, once something becomes popular people will create a counterculture to combat it. Just like the elite 3 in the old days. As someone who likes anime it doesn’t feel good when someone calls you out because your tastes don’t agree. Also, nicely put.

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  2. This is a great blog post you got here! I must admit that I’m not super involved in the anime community but this really explained a couple things to me.

    Have you ever thought about sharing your thoughts on another platform? Creators.co has a fledgling anime community that would really dig your posts. Drop me an email if you wanna chat about it.

    Bridget – bridget.case@creators.co


  3. Elitism can be a problem with so many fandoms, it’s not even funny. I can’t stand it since I was subjected to that when it came to the music scene years before Ospreyshire was a thing. I know my tastes involve obscure things in several art disciplines. I hoped that I didn’t come off as elitist or arrogant when I’ve talked about anime, movies, or music with others on WordPress or in real life. Some people have felt intimidated sometimes when I would mention things they never heard of, so I wasn’t sure.

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      1. I certainly agree. There are times where I’m reluctant to call myself a fan of something even if I have no shame in liking a certain thing. Fandoms can be very toxic.


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