Anime series with easy comparisons with X-Men

When I watched Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man, the idea of writing this list came to me.  There are many good anime series that may or may not have been inspired by X-Men at some level, though I have no way of proving with a quick google search or two or three.  The only assumption that I can make that makes any sense at all is maybe a culture osmosis occurred, which happens a lot, that gave the Japanese ideas for this.  The themes and abilities from X-Men seem like a natural fit for anime in general, which is probably why an X-Men anime exists.  Anyway, onto the blog.



This series starts off with a girl student traveling to a dangerous island were people with very different abilities are discriminated against.  These people are either persecuted against and end up living in slums or join a unit where they are placed under the control of the government of the main land.  These two groups fight each other a lot throughout the series until they find a common enemy between them.  After that, these two groups find a balance between each other.  s-CRY-Ed is very shonen, but it has some great themes throughout it and it deserves a watch.

Darker than Black:

Darker than Black

Ten years before Darker than Black took place, a cataclysmic event occurred that not only wiped out the stars but gave random people different abilities.  Abilities were originally kept hidden from the public, but as more people were murdered in cold blood, the secret came out.  These people with powers, called contractors, had their emotions turned off to the world so they could murder in cold blood when necessary, but their powers also had a cost of some sort for them to use.  Maybe they have to smoke when they haven’t smoked before or maybe they have to break bones in order to use their abilities.  Of course, these people are hunted down for their abilities, especially after the United States lost a war to a mysterious group of them called the Syndicate.  Darker than Black follows around a lone contractor called Hei who is easy described as Chinese Electric Batman.  I feel like this show is designed to feel like Cowboy Bebop with its semi episodic adventures and Yoko Kannon in charge of the soundtrack, but it’s a solid series non the less.

Toward the Terra:

Toward the Terra

In a more space opera science fiction version of one of the great dystopian civilizations that you see in popular books like 1984 and The Giver, this story takes place in a universe where people are under constant examination to see if they have psychic abilities.  Since human kind left Earth, psychic abilities have been considered a disease by a main computer on Earth and the large groups that mind wipe people when they get to a certain age.  People that have signs of psychic abilities are taken out of society and everybody who has ever been in contact with these people don’t remember them anymore.  Of course, there is a small faction of Psychic people who wish to fight the system and live in peace.  The series starts off with our young protagonist Yomi who, before he was mind wiped was saved by the faction of psychic people because he is one that possesses psychic abilities beyond most of them besides the mysterious Soldier Blue.  I highly recommend this one because it’s one of those not as well-known series that deserves some popularity.  There is a tv series and a movie, but I recommend the TV series.

Towa no Quon

Towa no Quon

This one is a lot easier to describe.  Towa no Quon is a six episode ova series in which each episode is forty-five minutes in length by Studio Bones.  The series features a group of kids with powers hunted by a secret organization of military cyborgs.  The series as a whole is okay, but it’s main shining stars are the soundtrack by Kenji Kawai and Studio Bone’s action scenes at its best.  If you want to watch something for the entertainment value and a familiar but interestingly done story line, check it out.

Cyborg 009

Cyborg 009.jpg

This series is what I consider the most X-Men of any other anime ever, even though it’s a group of cyborgs and not mutants.  Cyborg 009 is a series that follows a group of cyborgs that were originally normal humans.  These humans have very different backgrounds and were taken by an organization by Black Ghost, were given different cyborg abilities for Black Ghosts’ schemes, but escaped and formed their own dysfunctional group of heroes while being hunted down.  To me, this group is more X-men then anything else.  They wear very out their uniforms, they fly around in a stealth jet, the group joins people with different backgrounds together, and they fight and have arguments like a family.  To me that is what X-Men is about.  I may have only seen the remake that was on Toonami and Cyborg 009 vs Devil Man, but I highly recommend people to check out some part of this series.  It’s pretty great.

I might not be post as much as usual because I’ve recently acquired a job and it’s been taking up a lot of the free time I used to have.  I will try my best to post at least once a week.  Thanking you for bearing with me.


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