Unorganized Discussion: HxH’s dub and G.U. Re:0096’s handling

These are two things that don’t have any connection with each other at all, yet I feel like are definitely exploring and talking about.  I didn’t want to waste people’s time by writing two posts since I don’t think that these two things will take too long to talk about.  As always, please leave a comment if you have a differing opinion.

Hunter X Hunter’s dub:

From what I’ve seen of Hunter X Hunter’s dub on Toonami so far, I really like it.  It really does feel the voice actors fit the roles they are playing and already come into their own making each character theirs.  I know there are some complaints about Gon’s voice, but he is a kid and he sounds like a kid, so I have no complaints at all.  I was actually expecting to hear Kid goku or Gohan or Goten’s voice for this role, but they choose a good person for Gon.

I look forward to hearing the voices of Killua and Hisoka to get an even bigger impression of how the dub is going to be over all, but at this moment I have no complaints.  Just another series that I don’t mind rewatching because I already know that it’s good.

Gundam Unicorn Re:0096:

I really don’t like how Sunrise is handling turning the ova into a tv series.  The first scene of the entire anime would not make sense at all for a new viewer.  The characters and that death don’t add anything to the story unless you know who those people are.   Or the beginning of episode four when a main character’s past and affiliation is revealed before.  Also, I don’t like how RE:0096 is being cut at all.  Especially something like the end of episode 3 when there is an unnatural cut from what was the end of the first OVA to the beginning of the second.  It did not feel natural at all.  There are powerful moments in this series because they were powerful in the OVA, but it all seems off for some reason in this show

Maybe I am wrong because I’ve seen all of this before and I could have just as easily pull the dvds of this from my shelf and watch them, but I don’t think this is good for newer viewers at all.  I know it’s an easy thing for Sunrise to make because this already exists in some form, but it feels like a cheap and unnecessary cash grab to me.

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