Skip Beat Review (No Spoilers)

I first heard about this show during its time of its kick starter.  Anime News Network had a podcast about it and Crunchyroll had an article about it.  Unfortunately, I did not end up watching the show before it’s kick starter was over and I am more upset with myself then I have ever been.  This show is great and I am sad that I might have missed out on the chance to own the series.  It’s probably one of my favorite shojo series that I’ve ever watched.

Skip Beat stars the main character Kyoko Mogami.  She spent much of her life being around and supporting the idol to be, Shotaro Fuwa.  While she works impossibly hard in a Cinderella fashion for her prince to be, one day she discovers that Shotaro has no feelings for her and everything he has told her is a lie.  Thus begins Kyoko’s beginning of her quest for revenge and her raise to star hood.  Well, the revenge thing is just the spark that starts a journey for self-discovery, even though it is something that weighs her character throughout the series.

Kyoko is an incredibly relatable character.  To me at least.  (This is coming from somebody who tries to act like and write random Facebook posts like a villain’s perspective from time to time).  Having been through a rough life, she mentally acts like a villain with other character’s feeling her aura from time to time.  She also creates voodoo dolls and keeps posters of her enemies in her room so she can sneer at them.  This isn’t the only way she acts though.  She is still an emotionally vulnerable character that breaks down from time to time and needs guidance from friends and others that she picks up on her way.  Since she hasn’t had a classic background like everybody else, Kyoko has a very unique perspective from the standard on how she plays parts and how she creates characters.

This isn’t to say that the other characters aren’t layered either.  Characters that you think are originally shown as jerks are more complex and relatable as characters then you thought.  Other characters who seem to be one note and perfect have some faults to them that make them vulnerable and relatable.  Meanwhile, other characters who have been jerks at the beginning of the series remain jerks at the end of the series.  I will let you find out who that person is. *cough* Aside from that, I really like how they have each character’s thoughts muffled a little from their usual voices so you know when a character is thinking something.  Just a great touch to throw into the series.

The comedy is another major factor of this series.  I would dare to say that this series could be considered a female version of JoJos.  There are a lot of over the top scenes with characters spewing emotion and lots of ridiculous moments brought on by Kyoko’s character and the way she thinks of certain scenes.  There is a scene when a character just smiles at her while working toward her and in Kyoko’s world that is deemed threatening, so she backs away like this character is a serial killer.  This is the kind of comedy that you can expect from this series, but it’s done in a way that only anime can do it.  Fortunately, the series is also emotionally grounded and makes each comedy scene feel earned.  It’s what makes the show so fantastic.

So yeah, I highly recommend this series.  The character’s, the story, the story from each play Kyoko is played in that exemplifies something going on with her character’s or somebody else’s life, and the comedy are just what make the sure stand out.  If I had to say what was my favorite idol show, this would be it.  No question at all.


  1. I caught the ANNCast about this series too, and I was wondering whether it was something I should check out. I think your synopsis has helped me make up my mind. A lot of the shows I’ve been trying from outside my wheelhouse have been based around idols or celebrity life of some kind, so I think this should suit me down to the ground. Also sounds like it has a more unusual comedic side, which sounds like a lot of fun!

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  2. I personally don’t like the anime that much, although I’m a huge fan of the manga. Still I’m hoping that they make a season 2 and adapt the rest of the manga. This is one of my favourite shoujo series. Kyoko is a very strong female protagonist but of course she still has some vulnerability. Even though Skip Beat still has a lot of cliche found in the shoujo genre, the comedy and surprisingly deep drama in it make is a more refreshing series than others. Anyway, good review. Thanks for submitting it to the Fujinsei Blog Carnival. I hope that you join again next month. Keep on watching anime and blogging. Cheers!


    1. I agree about the season 2, I forgot about the “read the manga ending” and I’m still new to shoujo eventhough I’ve been watching anime for a while. Branching out has been interesting and fun :).

      Anyway, thank you for your comment. Hopefully I have something better for the next one.

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  3. “This is coming from somebody who tries to act like and write random Facebook posts like a villain’s perspective from time to time”

    I never comment at all, given my concern of anything I say coming back to bite me :(. I also heard of the Kickstarter campaign, and am glad it reached it’s goal. I knew about this own before the campaign, but since my backlog could sink the Titanic, I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    Oh, Kodomo no Jikan also has a Kickstarter. NSFW Warning:


    1. Late post is late, *sigh*

      Well, sometimes it’s fun to just write things like. “Curses, my dog ruined….yadayda. I will get my revenge”. I don’t know why, but I just feel like it sometimes.

      I hear you. I keep staring at my backlog and try to shuffle into some of it. Hard to find time to consistently watch a long show so the short ones usually get out of the way soon.

      OOOOOOH. Not sure if I want near that.


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