Spring 2016 Anime Surprises (Some spoilers, so beware *wiggles fingers dramatically*)

We all know how great of an anime season this is right?  There are a lot of strong shows this season from Joker Game to Jojos to My Hero Academia and so on and so forth.  For those kinds of people who stick around and watch shows to the end, this season has only gotten even stronger over time.  One show that I watched a couple seasons ago had a sequel season that is stronger than ever and some shows that started out alright and have had some very solid episodes recently.

Ushio and Tora:

Ushio and Tora 2

This blog post was originally was supposed to be only about this show and getting other people to watch it, but some other shows need recognition too.  When I first starting watching Ushio and Tora I really did like it.  It is a very 90’s show and it’s nice to have some nostalgia that you haven’t watched before.  It felt a lot like Yu Yu Hakusho taken in a different direction.  First it was an adventure of the week kind of show in its first third, then the next third stepped away a bit and started developing a plot.  This last third has been amazing so far.

The first episode of the last third of its run was amazing.  It took that memory erase plot, but did not resolve it immediately at all.  That’s when the freight train of feels started.  Ushio had to fight people that he made friends with last season and certain love interests that he’s fallen in love with didn’t recognize him at all.  Ushio had to get their respect and love back before every character got their memory back.  It’s so compelling and I haven’t seen this kind of narrative very often or done this well.  There were other things like the big bad’s reveal, the breaking of the weapon Ushio uses, and him having an emotional break down.  Every episode has gotten better and better and if this show ends in the great way that I am thinking it will, I think it will be somewhere on my top five shonen series that I’ve ever watched.

Twin Star Exorcists:

Twin Star Exorcists

At first I wasn’t so sure about this series for a while.  It had two decently above average episodes which drew me in which was followed by three episodes of not much going on.  The real boom of this series started during the last three episodes that really showed the appeal of this series for me.  The first episode showed that the two main characters have chemistry and the next two episodes that culminated to the main male’s past being revealed.   The big brother who turned out as an evil antagonist trope is somewhat of a cliché, but this show pulled it off extremely well.   It’s a great example showing that execution is important then originality sometimes.


Kiznaiver 2

From the first episode, I thought that the concept that they were trying to portray was complex and I was more interested in the Kiznaiver system then the characters themselves.  Jamming characters that haven’t gotten along with each other in the first place sounds like a bad idea, but I wanted to see how it would turn out.  I never expected that the teenagers would be written somewhat realistically for anime and they would actually go the normal route of the program crashing and burning like a group of forced teenage friends would.  I think this series fully understands how teenagers really are in some ways, at least from my perspective, so well done on that Kiznaiver.

I wouldn’t say that it was good for the entertainment value because it was a bigger emotional ride than anything else.  I have almost no complaints with the show besides the way Chidori’s character has been handled.  Also, I am not sure if the last few episodes can live up to the rest of the show that has been built up, but it’s already on my good list.

3 thoughts on “Spring 2016 Anime Surprises (Some spoilers, so beware *wiggles fingers dramatically*)

  1. Glad that you like Twin Star Exorcist. Yeah its going to be a 4 cour series that it has a total of 50 episodes that it’ll wrap up by Winter 2017.


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