Sumner 2016 Anime that I am currently interested in:

This is my quick impressions of the series that I saw on that I’ve either heard about or what looks good to be as an initial impression.  Things can change, like I didn’t expect to like Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress as much as I do now or not be able to watch Kuromukuro because it’s a Netflix exclusive.  Anyway, here are shows that I am interested in. (Pictures of each series cover to be added in later….probably)

Extremely excited about:

Active Raid Cour 2:

It’s not high art or anything, but I got a lot out of Active Raid’s first cour.  IT had some very interesting chemistry with some solid characters and some awesome police in Iron Man suits action and that’s all I wanted from the show.  Can’t wait to see what they do with this next cour.

Arslan Senki:

I’m extremely sad that it’s only going to be eight episodes because I liked Arslan Senki a lot.  It’s nice to have some solid fantasy series in a world that focuses more on lost in a video game fantasy series.  It was a lot more story based then character based which brought some blandness to it, but the story and scenery pieces were awesome to look at, the action was fantastic, and the characters are a lot of fun to watch and hang around.

So yeah, sad that there is only going to be eight episodes.

Berserk (2016):

I’ve only seen the three Berserk films so I only know a little bit about Berserk, but I’ve heard Berserk’s manga is extremely good so I look forward to see what is in store for the series.  Also, nice to have even more fantasy.  I hope this adaption lives up to what people have said about the manga or I like the way the series steers away from the Golden Age arc.

Mob Psycho 101:

It’s from the creator of One Punch Man and is being animated by Studio Bones.  Do I need to say more about this?  Well, there is Kenji Kawai who is behind the music.  I already know that the soundtrack is going to be amazing.  Everything seems up and up.

Decently Excited About:


I’ve heard from different sources that the manga is still incredibly good.  I don’t really want to get into the hype too much yet because I don’t know if I can trust tons of opinions because I’ve been burned before, but I am interested in seeing what the series is like.  Also, this show brings my palette in to balance because most other series I’m interested in this season are more action focused.

91 Days:

It’s a mafia series and there is nothing wrong with bad ass people in suits shooting lots of people.  I always have a little bit more of a negative opinon of original series because there is no ground work to show that it will have a good story in the long run, but I am heavily interested in this one

Unsure of, but will give them a try:

Nejimaki Seirei Senki:

It’s a light novel adaption of a fantasy series, not a loss in a video game style of thing.  I know that it’s Madhouse, but they’ve made some stinkers before when it comes to light novel adaption and this doesn’t seem like something that Madhouse is good at.


I’m not much of a sports anime fan so I thought this would be an interesting place to start.  I really like Mappa studios and watching the sports series they make might open my horizons on this.  I don’t have a strong positive opinion going in, but I will do my best to keep open minded.

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars:

I’m a mecha fan and I feel like I have to watch all the mech series that I can.  After Comet Luficer, Aldnoah Zero, and a lot of shows by studio Xebec, I don’t have much faith in them at this moment.  Maybe this opinion will change if this show turns out to be good so who knows?

These seems like short things to say about them and they may seem a bit shallow, but I can’t give explanations until I have watched a few episodes of each and can explain how I feel about them.

6 thoughts on “Sumner 2016 Anime that I am currently interested in:

  1. Personally just by the looks of “Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars”, it seems like another bad mecha show to me along the lines of those that you had just mentioned.

    The ones that I am most excited for that you neglected to comment about on this list would be the following series: Sweetness and Lightning, Amanchu, Tales of Zestiria the X, and Shokugeki no Souma Season 2.


  2. And yes… Orange is a fantastic Romance/Drama/Shoujo series with an interesting twist in the mix.

    Loving the description of 91 Days

    I adored Arslan Senki, so I am glad to see it finally back even if it is for a few short weeks.

    Days (TV) looks like a nice and fun sports series and is by one of my all time favorite studios “MAPPA”. If you are interested in checking out some good sports series I recommend the following: Haikyuu, Yowamushi Pedal, Chihayafuru…. The other sports series this season “Battery” could be a good series as well. It’s weird about sports anime is because I hate actual sports yet for some reason I love sports anime.


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