Spring 2016 anime in review: Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto

To me, this was my wild card anime of the season.  Going into it, I wasn’t extremely interested in watching a series that focused on one main character’s perfection.  It sounded like another anime with a Gary Stue Protagonist.  In some ways that initial assessment was correct, but they handled that aspect the best way that they could.  Also, the show was extremely funny and carried a lot of heart with it, so everything worked out in the end.

How do you write about a super human character?  A character beyond perfection that can solve every case or every situation in seconds?  You do that from an outside perspective.  That’s why Sherlock Holmes has John Watson, why the best Superman stories focus on how he affects the world around him, and why the cast of Sakamoto are so fantastic.  Sakamoto himself never changes much, but he affectively changes the lives of the people around him for the better.  The side characters the show focuses on either start off in bad places in their lives or feel extremely jealous toward the perfection that is Sakamoto, but each of them have their own character arc that turns their lives around in the end.  They break up the monotony of every day shenanigins with Sakamoto.

I also really liked the humor.  It is of the absurdist type, the timing was excellent, and involved Sakamoto in a lot of different settings, which also broke up the monotony.  Sakamoto going into new places with characters that he’s met before and performing normal acts in a ridiculous fashion or meeting new people who don’t know his particular brand of uniqueness is always amusing.  Even turning over to the dramatic side when Sakamoto help explored the personal lives of different characters worked for the series also.  I’m Sakamoto mastered the art of spinning from action to drama on a dime with almost perfect transitions.  The

Now, the weakest part of the series was the animation, which is from Studio Deen so that is understandable, and when the show gave us an anti Sakamoto.  With Biba from Kabaneri and the guy in this series, it seems that the new way to end shows is throw in a villain to resolve all conflicts.  This show didn’t have that many conflicts though because it’s not an action series.  The worst episodes were when this new bully guy came out of nowhere and caused havoc throughout the school.  Sakamoto, the show and the person, ended that arc without a direct physical confrontation and some cleverness so it wasn’t a total loss, but that character put some chinks into this show’s fine machining.  Maybe that was the point of adding him, but a comedy series doesn’t need that kind of drama to it.

In the end, I give this show a full recommendation for everybody.   Sakamoto is a fun character, the humor is on point, the drama is on point.  If you like absurdist humor with a lot of class, this show is meant for you.  Just beware of some inconsistent animation and some inconsistent jokes.

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