Spring Left Overs: JJBA: Diamond is not Crash and Twin Star Exorcists

Now these two are not complete so I cannot give full opinions on them yet, but here is a short paragraph on each of them.


So far, I think this is the strongest that JoJo has ever been.  Since the show decided to take place in one town, we’ve gotten to know the area and characters a lot more.  This is not to say that Stardust Crusaders, Battle Tendency, and Phantom Blood are bad, but we are getting to know these characters even more then we have known the casts of the past three parts.  In my opinion, this is also the best cast of Jojos that I’ve seen so far.  I like Jotaro taking the back seat and the mentor role.  It rather works for him.  Also, the uses of unique powers, the color scheme, and almost everything else works.  Definitely worth catching up on, even if you haven’t seen the last three parts.

Twin Star Exorcists:

So far, this show is a very mixed bag for me.  Each episode can be outstandingly average or extremely amazing.  Twin Stars is at its best when the two main characters have to work together in order to solve a problem or an issue.  It is also at its worst when the plot takes a back seat and the show goes into slice of life status.  Maybe I’ve seen too much anime, which may or may not be possible depending on your point of view, but I’ve seen all the stuff they are pulling a thousand times before and the fact that they are pulling it straight does nothing for me.  I’m not sure if I can watch the supposed fifty episodes of this series if it is like this all the way through.  Eh, I’ll give it another season.

2 thoughts on “Spring Left Overs: JJBA: Diamond is not Crash and Twin Star Exorcists

  1. I agree about Twin Star being at its worst when the two are playing house. There is a really interesting story going on and they keep avoiding it to do cute couple things (or set up a cute couple situation). Thanks for sharing.

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