Summer 2016 anime first reactions: “Underdog” weekends ( Orange, Days, and Active Raid 2nd )


If there is going to be a heart wrencher anime of this season, it’s going to be this show.  If there is a way to make a high school drama work, so far it’s also this show.  Orange is not a hard show to describe on a physical level, but it definitely feels like there is a lot of heavy weight attached to it.  Maybe that’s because the characters feel like real people or the school environment feels natural, or something.  Naho, the main character, is a girl who gets sent a letter from her future self in order to change what happens to a character that she has fallen in love with.   The older self being sent back to school seems to be extremely popular thing recently, but Orange defies this by just having this mysterious letter sent back and nothing else.  There isn’t an ounce of adult personality or experience in Naho at all.  This series is a big reminder of how small things can do so much to change people’s lives.

I don’t really care about the time travel element of this series because that’s usually something that almost impossible to explain.  I can definitely say that it’s not the Doctor Who blue police box way, but it could be something more like the 12 Monkeys “self-fulfilling” kind or Back to the Future “alternate reality” kind.  I guess we will all find out eventually.


I know that I talked about this show a little already, but I don’t think I’ve put this into any specific detail yet.  Even if this series is not meant for me in anything serious way, there are some good elements to it.  The underdog style of story is one of the most endearing kinds of stories in existence.  Tsukamoto is that protagonist in this story because he joins a soccer club without any prior experience.  That’s not the only aspect driving this show.  There is also the battle of endless amounts of hard work versus natural talent and ego.  Right now it seems to be a very low simmer and there is a high respect between both characters, but I feel this will rear up its head eventually.

Active Raid 2nd

There isn’t a large amount to talk about after what I wrote about the last season.  The dorks of active raid are back with some job changes and some new characters.  Asami has joined a police unit, the ace from last season is now working for unit eight on a civilian level, and two new characters have joined the team.  One blond, foreigner female and another Japanese local who has trouble looking at any bodies eyes directly.  These characters haven’t been explored too much yet, but the series is only two episodes into its twelve episode run and these characters have never been overly complex anyway.  The ending of episode two has possibly hinted at the show going into a much different and darker direction, but who knows for sure?


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