Summer 2016 anime impressions: ? Mondays (Mob Psycho 100, Sweetness and Lightning, and Bananya)

Mob Psycho 100

From the creator behind One Punch Man and Studio Bones comes this anime.  Another egg headed protagonist, but a teenager with hair, with psychic powers beyond comprehension.  The problem is that psychic powers do not help in having a normal teenage life.  It seems like ONE has a pretty big interest in turning ULTIMATE COSMIC POWERS and showing how they don’t really doesn’t add anything to a person’s life.  It’s a very strange goal to be sure, but maybe that’ what he loves writing about.  It’s alright for now, but I hope he changes topics at some point.   Mob Psycho 100 has enough differences from One Punch Man to make it work for me right now.  I hope ONE doesn’t only have one hand to play.

Apart from the opening, the show is, to use a very old fashion term, Psychedelic.  This isn’t just from the opening either, the color and art style have slight to massive changes based on how a character is acting, what character is in scene, where the scene, pretty much everything.  It’s a very a inspiring and weird spectacle to be sure.  Kind of like watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, but taken in a different fashion with better production then David Productions can muster.

Sweetness and Lightning

Until watching the first episode of this series, I thought that my stone heart could not be moved in anyway.  I couldn’t imagine how wrong I was.  On a family and emotional level, this show got me. I’ve lost some good family members too and I know exactly how that feels. Sweetness and Lightning understands the emotional weight to a T.  The figuring out how to cook scenes are really endearing and I hope their novelty doesn’t get worn out by the end of the school.  I suppose there isn’t that much for me to write about so far, but I think that’s okay.  The show has an easy concept behind it.  What matters most is execution.


Speaking of shows that don’t have much behind it, Bananya.  Cats and bananas.  How can you not watch a show about this?  I mean, it’s not like it takes up any time.  Each episode is only three minutes long.  Plus, it’s adorable and what happens when the internet meets anime.

I was thinking about doing this for Arslan, but the show is only eight episodes this season.  There will be a full review of it in the future.


  1. I’ve passed on Mob and haven’t looked at Bananya yet, but I’m kind of liking Sweetness and Lightning. It isn’t my usual thing and I am worried it will just become too sweet or too slow, but so far it’s been interesting and charming.


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