Summer 2016 Anime First Reactions: Battery

This is it.  This is my final first reaction for this season and so far, it looks pretty decent.  Each show that I decided to watch has interesting traits to it that makes it worth watching.  This includes Battery.  I like the direction that it’s going.

This show may seem like a simple concept, but you can tell that something that a lot is going on and a lot is in development.  There is a lot of small time yet seemingly large drama centered around one small thing, baseball.  Each character loves baseball in a different way.  Our twelve-year-old main character Harada, who is very serious and self-centered, centers his entire life around it and pitching.  His new friend Go is an awesome catcher whose love for the sport was rekindled again when he met Harada.  Harada’s brother, who is the reason why his family moved in the first place, is an ill kill that wants to play baseball with all his heart.  The three of them and some side characters make the show.

At the end of the second episode, Harada has already started to grow.  He has found that he isn’t as invincible as he thought he was.  By searching for his missing brother, he has shown that there is more emotional depth to him then what we usually see.  He cried but not only did he cry, he had to be treated by Go’s dad because he fell into a river.  I hope that I am not wrong about this, but I feel like this incident is going to carry his character in a new direction.  Go is having a conflict of interest with his mother because she wants him to quit baseball in order to prepare for a better future.  Go just wants to be a kid and have fun playing baseball.  As for Harada’s brother, he is still sickly, but he is strong in spirit.  Right now, he is the device for other character’s growth.

Two episodes in and I have a good feeling for this show.  I look forward to more.  Even though there is only nine episodes left, I think this could possibly be one of my favorite anime of the season.  This a big assumption right now, but who knows?  It could happen.

3 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Anime First Reactions: Battery

  1. Nice, concise summary. I was on the fence about picking up Battery this season because of a bunch of other shows but I might end up checking it out after all. Having seen the first few episodes, would you guess the show will be centered more around the sports aspect of baseball or the character drama surrounding the show’s subject matter?


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