Top 10 Favorite Mechs

I feel like from the name “Mechanical Anime Reviews”, that this is the kind of post that most people expect to write.  Unfortunately, I would find that boring.  Tying myself down to one type of material sounds extremely boring and I do not have the attention span to do it.  I like variety.  I want the freedom to write about what I want because then I never run out of topics to talk and write about.  This is my blog so I can do whatever I want…within reason.  Or maybe without reason.  Who knows? *laughs evily*

To make this list much, much harder for myself to write, the one rule I went with is one mech per franchise.  I could have easily filled this list with mechs from Gundam or Macross, but this is a way to make sure that I advertise shows that not many people have seen before or heard about.  I may do a top list of mechs from Gundam or Macross at a later time, but for now this is what I’m going with.  Thanks for reading this list.  Also, different level of spoilers for each of the shows that the mechs are attached too.

In no particular order:

Mech: Strain EX
Anime: Soukou no Strain
Pilot: Sara Werec

Strain EX

This a mech that was made out of spare parts and almost didn’t work.  When a small training ship was attacked by an enemy fleet, this was the mech that saved a lot of lives.  It’s an experimental strain that was able to keep up with the ace pilot from the enemy’s side.  This mech is something special because it is one of the few here that can cover large distances in space by itself.

Mech: RX-93 Nu Gundam
Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack
Pilot: Amuro Ray

Nu Gundam

It’s hard to talk about this mech without talking about the pilot that comes with it.  Amuro is the original gundam pilot and this movie takes place 14 years after he first jumped into the pilot seat of a mech.  I feel like I can go on and on about this mech, but I’m going to try to condense it.  This is final culmination that is Amuro Rey.  It’s awesome, has this new piece of technology called fin funnels on it that show how powerful he has become as a new type, psycho frame technology that becomes a bigger thing three years later, and did I mention it’s awesome?

Mech: YF-21 (Macross Plus)
Anime: Macross Plus
Pilot: Guld Bowman

YG-21 macross

Macross Plus reminds of a combination of Top Gun and also the competition between Boeing’s YF-22 vs Northrop Grumman’s YF-23.  Anyway, It was this plane which has advanced brain flight capabilities vs the YF-17 that has an advanced flight frame.  Both planes are insanely cool, but for me, piloting an airplane by thought is what makes this plane.  Imagine going hyper sonic speeds and having to make split second decisions to move your airplane.  It would take a lot of mental training and constantly relaxation in order to do it.  Also, this mech/plane thing can fly through space at faster than light speeds.

Mech: Ideon
Anime: Space Runaway Ideon
Pilot: Cosmo Yuki


This my look like another version of Optimus Prime, but don’t fooled.  Ideon has the power to end the entire Universe.  Seriously, I’m not joking about this.  Built from an unknown ancient race, this is a robot that runs on conflict and the cries of children.  Starting from just being a robot, it gained consciousness as the anime went and the conflict of both sides went on.  Eventually, the mech woke up and started ending the universe  This is a dark robot for a dark series and you may have noticed that it may have influenced a certain anime.  I wonder what that would be…… *COUGH*

Mech: Unit 1
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Pilot: Shinji Ikari

Unit one eva

This is the series that Space Runaway Ideon influenced, but is a very influential mech by iself.  Following this series, all giant robots designs became more sleek.  But enough about influences, let’s talk about the robot or should I even call it a robot.  This is a massive spoiler that everybody should know, but an eva unit actually is made from human dna.  The pilots sync with their “robot” in order control them.  The special thing about Unit 1 is its beast mode.  Unit 1 goes completely berserk when the pilot is knocked out and smashes it’s enemy into bits.  It’s an awesome time that has an awesome song whenever it happens.

Mech: Lancelot
Anime: Code Geass R1
Pilot: Suzaku Kururugi

Lancelot Code Geass

Taking a step away from the fantastical for a little bit, this is a mech from my favorite part of Code Geass, the beginning of R1.  This was way before R2 in which there was a new mech after new mech after new mech episode after episode after episode.  Anyway, the Lancelot is an experimental mech that is believably above the mechs from the earlier iterations.  I loved the fact that it was over powered, but never over powered enough where it did feel threatened from time to time.  It’s white color and its namesake is just awesome.

Mech: AV-98 Ingram
Anime: Patlabor
Pilot: Lots of people

Patlabor Alphonse

In a near future where crime is caused by giant robots, the AV-98 was born.  This is a sleak and very grounded unit that comes with a lot of weapons and special modes where you can use the mechs can use their fingers to grab things.  This is a perfect protagonist mech unit for a bunch of strange people and can I say, very unique group of people to pilot and save the city.  Even when it seems like the world is against them.

Mech: Scope Dog
Anime: Armored Trooper Votoms
Pilot: Chiro Cuvie

Votoms Scope Dog

There isn’t that much to say about this mech because it’s the pilot and the situations in that the suit is put in that make it as cool as it is.  Votom takes place in a much more hard science fiction setting then most science fiction anime.  The robot itself is a simple smaller green mech that moves on wheels on its feet.  Yeah, this is an older series so Code Geass and other mechs got the idea from this series…I think.  Not sure on that.  Anyway, Chiro is a bad ass and he is able to pilot the Scope Dog in almost every situation.

Mech: Armor Shrike
Anime: Blue Gender
Pilot: Lots of people

Armore Shrike Blue Gender

There are a few varieties of the Armor Shrike, but the one that I am talking about is the one from the beginning of the anime.  The model of Armor Shrike that actually feels like something the military designed.  Since these people have left Earth due to giant bugs taking over, humanity sends in teams of people with Armor Shrikes and other mobile vehicles to inspect Earth for survivors.  These things need to be tough, rugid, and easy to fix due to nature of the conflict that these soldiers are being sent to.  The early model of Armor Shrike is all that and more.

Mech: Kuromukuro
Anime: Kuromukuro
Pilots: Ken and Yukina

Kuromukuro mech

I wasn’t sure what to put as my last mech, but then I thought of Kuromukuro.   This anime is not done airing yet and I’ve only seen half of it due to Netflix doing what Netflix does, but I definitely feel like a newer show needs to fill the slot.  I don’t know the full story of the Kuromukuro yet, but I can tell you some of its attributes.  It has nano-machines that help it to recover damage after every battle, it looks like a samurai mech which makes sense considering the era that it is probably from in Earth history, and it can seat to people comfortably.  That’s right, none of the other mechs can do that.  I know that the Nu Gundam did that at some point, but that was an attached seat that doesn’t look comfortable in the least.


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