Summer 2016 anime season: ½ way status report

This season has been pretty strong.  Possibly as strong as last season.  There are a lot of different kinds of shows, which is what I like.  I don’t want to have one kind of show to watch.  Anime has a wide variety of tastes and styles and I’m glad we got another showing of that from this season.

91 Days: I like this show a lot.  I’ve had a completely 180 when it comes to the main character, even if he is a revenge driven character.  Seeing more of him during the down time episode and watching him struggle to find a way to get his revenge in a world that doesn’t currently like him has been driving it home for me.  I also still like the atmosphere, the side characters, the setting, and almost everything else about it.  Solid anime so far.

Active Raid 2nd: I feel like this show is much stronger than last time.  While some characters are still background and have barely any development, learning more about the goof cop has really given this show more characterization.  There is more to latch onto this season and I feel good about that.  Also, the iron man suit police force isn’t ever going to be boring for me.  A little less focus on idol culture would make it better for me.

Sweetness and Lightning
: This show has been very relaxing and joyful for me so far.  The dynamic between the three characters is solidly grounded by emotional damage and is just really good.  Not to mention that Tsumugi is adorable.  I like how each character is realistically bad at cooking because that makes me feel better about my lack of cooking skills.  It’s been dragging a little recently, but its charm hasn’t fallen from the show.

Arslan Senki
: While this show is reminding me of why I liked the original, seeing Arslan start over is a little frustrating.  Especially since he worked so hard to get where he was.  Still, the action is good, the characters are charming (even Prince Scar Face), and it’s still a joy to watch.  I wish this show didn’t only have eight episodes.

Bananya: Not much to say about this other then it’s adorable.  Three-minute episode lengths, but each episode is so different from each other and I like the level of diversity and set up throughout the show.

Battery: This is another pick for my anime of the season.  Harada, the main character, is an arrogant teenager that is slowly discovering that he is human and not invincible.  Along with that, he is slowly gaining some friends and becoming more likable.  Oh, I should mention something about baseball, because this anime is about baseball after all.

Berserk: I’m really glad that I’m watching this show weekly because I can’t imagine marathoning this one.  It’s dark and grim and will take a lot of joy out of you.  Not because of the animation, but because of the torture and gore.  Each time I start a new episode I forget about the grimdarkness until I see a scene and go “yup, that’s berserk”.  The animation is still bad, but I don’t really have a problem with anything else.

Days: It’s a soccer anime with moe guys.  That’s about it really.  The main character still isn’t that good at soccer, but he’s learning and by learning, he’s getting the other character to get in gear and become better themselves.  It’s a solid watch so far with good characters, even if they aren’t the kind of characters that I’m used to.

Mob Psycho 100:  I can’t help but say that I really like this series.  It has high levels of animation, it’s on a stylistic choice of how it presents each scene from water colors to other various styles, and Mob is a great character.  Of course, this took until episode five for me to come up with that solid of an opinion.

Orange: I was thinking about dropping this show for a little bit until recently.  I was under the idea that future Naho was a selfish moron that only sent a letter to the past to save a person because she didn’t like how her life turned out.  That has been fixed recently.  Also, I really like how the drama is so realistic.  It’s a show that is crushing my heart in some ways, but in a good sort of way.

*This picture is from Rahxephon, encase anybody is wondering*

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