I don’t understand Shipping

This doesn’t mean that I don’t know what it is, because I have a very clear idea on from a fandom perspective.  I don’t automatically assume that it’s always postal shipping.  When I mean in the sense of why people feel like arguing over them. So yeah, I don’t understand why people have to argue over them.  There are much more important things going on in a story then who should be dating who.  This topic comes into mind because a Steven Universe story board artist left twitter after being harassed by a fan.  Utter insanity.  This isn’t only a Steven Universe problem, because this dips into a lot of Western animation things (the Avatar shipping wars were brutal), western live action TV (Supernatural and so on), and anime.  It’s just so beyond my understanding.

I’m not saying that getting to attached character is wrong.  On the contrary, getting attached to the people who appear in a story improves the experience by exponential amounts.  Getting attracted to characters in a series is something we all do.  Even caring about who a character ends up with in the end can be such a big deal.  That being said, I never understood why people have to go war over these things.  Escape is something that we all watch these kind of shows for, but at the end of the day these are still fictional characters.  That doesn’t mean that this thing doesn’t hold value, but it just seems silly to fight over them.  Even worse to harass one of the people behind the show that the complainer is watching.  That doesn’t do anything of value besides irritating more people.  Why can’t we all join together when it comes to our love of a series?

I’m sorry for writing this, but I just felt like I had to rant.  It all started with one article and exploded in my head.  With the help of the internet, it feels like fandoms have gotten more insane recently then they ever have been.  It could still be the loud minority in the favor of the silent majority thing, but it’s really hard to tell sometimes.

8 thoughts on “I don’t understand Shipping

  1. I definitely don’t care for shipping myself. It really does go too far and it feels like people will ship anyone together. Getting upset about it afterwards is certainly going overboard as well.

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  2. I went to a panel about shipping when I went to Katsucon last year and the biggest takeaway that I got was: Don’t diss the ship.

    All this animosity is uncalled for, I just wish everyone could just accept other people’s opinions and move on.

    I really appreciated reading this post!

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  3. Man, I feel you. I love shipping myself, all kind of couples and genders, but I don’t understand fighting over it. No one needs to like my ships aside me, so when I see ships I’m not fond of, I just scroll through. I swear it’s little kids fighting viciously on the net, because anyone with maturity will just keep away from that drama and ship as they feel.
    It was great reading this btw, and I think what happened with that twitter incident with the SU storyboard artist having to quit was super gross ://

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    1. Thank you for reading and exactly. Why does everybody else in the world have to like the same things as one person. That would make the world boring.


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