Random selected list of five anime bad asses who happen to have little kids following them (Hopefully this sounds less creepy)

(This is the post that I had planned for Friday, but some things got in the way and it’s getting posted today)

This is a concept that a friend and I have been talking about for a long time.  It is easy to find a bad ass in anime right?  I mean seriously, they are a dime a dozen.  You want to find an anime character who is extremely good at what they do?  Done.  The most bad ass of the bad ass characters have little kids following them around.  I’m not sure what frame of mind made this concept come into existence, but I’m sure it was a fun one.

Now you may be wondering why this is true.  Let’s bring up an example then.  When you are extremely good at something, are you really connected to the world?  A super human person or alien like Superman need something to ground them to the world they are a part of.  With somebody like Superman/Clark Kent, you can say that working for the Daily Planet is what does it, but I am going to make the argument that it’s Lois Lane.  Sure he does save her a lot, but an invincible person caring for somebody who isn’t is a big deal.  Having another character care for the invincible man, even in their non-invincible moments, is quite another.  You don’t need a kid for that, but little kids helping bad asses in their time of need is a popular trope.    Anyway, onto the list.

Characters: Kenshiro and Lin
Anime: Fist of the North Star

Kenshiro, Lin, and Bat.png

Since I wrote on this a short time ago, you have an idea who these characters are.  Kenshiro is the wandering and silent martial arts type.  Lin is even more of a mystery.  Ever since Kenshiro used magic to heal Lin’s voice, she has had an odd attraction to him.  I am not far enough to know this completely, but Lin is showing signs of having psychic powers that are heavily linked toward Ken.  I’m not sure where this kind of relationship will go in the future, but I am interested to find out.

Characters: Shizuo and Akane
Anime: Durarara

Shizuo and Akane

Just like Durarara itself, this set up is way more unique.  Most of you know who Shizuo is, but you don’t, he is the strongest character in the Durarara world.  He can beat anybody up, throw heavy objects like vending machines and cars like they are nothing, and get hit by a car or take a bullet like it’s nothing.  Of course, all of these kind of things happen when he is angry.  You can call him the anime Hulk in some ways.  Akane is a daughter of a mob boss and wants to start protecting herself.  The most interesting part of this relationship is that while both look like they care for each other and do hang around each other a lot, Shizuo is oblivious about everything like usual and Akane plans to eventually kill Shizuo.  Yup, that’s Durarara.

Characters: Jotaro (& JoJo Gang) and Anne
Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Jotaro and Anne

The rest of the crew can be counted with this too, but Jotaro is the main Jojo of this series.  Jojo is the quiet but intelligent kind of person who yells at people who bug him.  You may not tell from his rough exterior, but he also had a very soft heart for his family and friends.  Anne is an orphan kid who happened to find them on their journey.  She is full of moxy and follows the jojo gang throughout their journey until they hit Egypt.  She is also attracted to Jotaro, but in that innocent little kid attracted to cool guy kind of way.

Characters: Balsa and Chagum
Anime: Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Balsa and Chagum

To add more flavor to this series, Balsa and Chagum.  Balsa is an extremely strong spear woman who refuses to kill anybody.  Chagum is the young crown prince who, because he has a spirit in him, must escape his palace or be killed.  Balsa is his protector.  Over the course of the series, they gain a strong mother and son kind of relationship which, for me, is the strongest part of the show.  You also see Chagum come to his own and show why he well make a great king later on in life.

Characters: Sesshomaru and Rin
Anime: Inuyasha

Sesshomaru and Rin

This is a series that I don’t like very much.  Sesshomaru is the best part of the show.  He’s half demon and also the brother of the main protagonist, though Sesshomaru is actually competent and knows what he’s doing.  Also, he is the major antihero of the series and happen to save an orphan known as Rin.  Rin, who had her parents murdered right in front of her, didn’t have much of an existence until Sesshomaru came into her life.  Keeping Rin around shows that Sesshomaru has a good heart.

8 thoughts on “Random selected list of five anime bad asses who happen to have little kids following them (Hopefully this sounds less creepy)

  1. Great list!
    Still need to watch Jojo…I know I’m sinning, but I at least did read some of the manga, tho I think I’ll like it more animated for those flashy moments haha.
    Yay, another person that didn’t like Inuyasha, definitely agree it was meh-ish, tho Sess is definitely the best of the bunch! ❤
    Looking forward to more lists of this kind~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just know that the more you wait on Jojo, the more episodes there will be to watch. Could be a good or bad thing.

      And thank you. Hopefully I can pull more lists like this out of my head.


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