Quick Thoughts: MAL (My Anime List) Scores Shouldn’t Bother You.

Every new anime season, at least from what I see on many Facebook groups, there are always people who complain about MAL scores.  Shows like Erased, One Punch Man, or right now (9/10/16) Kimi no Na wa constantly make it to the top of the anime listing on MAL for a season or a small amount of time before going to a more reserved spot.  There are times when it doesn’t happen though, because One Punch Man is still number 31 on IMBD and number 17 on MAL.  (If you like this series that much, more power to you.)  There are even cases where shows quickly fall from rankings really quickly.  Berserk (2016) is the latest example of that.  The big question here is should these rankings bother you in any way?  To that I definitely say no.

The reason I’m going to say this is people should have their own opinions.  I don’t see why other people need to have their own opinions validated by other people, websites, or anime reviewers.  Be firm on your own opinions and don’t worry what other people think.  Don’t be angry that other people don’t have the same opinions that you do; otherwise, you are going to be angry at everything for the rest of your life.  That’s a lot of energy that you can spend somewhere else more constructive like anime blogging :D.

On the same side, knowing how other people think will help you become more rounded and allow you to have more conversations with them.  I don’t mind having my pedestal shaken every once in a while.  That’s why I don’t mind watching negative reviews.  You can learn a lot about why your favorite series might not be the best to other people and you can solidify your stance on the show.

So in conclusion, don’t worry about what other people think about a series or movie or anything.  Especially review sites like rotten tomatoes, reviewers on YouTube, people on internet comment sections who feel like their opinions are objective, and random people on the streets.  Love something for why you love them and watch things before having opinions about them.  My two golden rules.


9 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: MAL (My Anime List) Scores Shouldn’t Bother You.

  1. Agree. What really matters is what YOU think of it. As for sites like MAL etc; because it’s the internet -_-. Although MAL has some of the most idiotic scoring given by reviewers; a 6/10 equates to as bad?. I thought anything below a 4 is bad, idk.

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  2. I’m not a big fan of scoring things in general. It’s all very arbitary and subjective. I’d much rather read someone’s views and why they feel a certain way about a series than see it has a 3 out of 5 or whatever. As a result, I don’t tend to look at rankings and ratings either before or while watching a show. I do however read a lot of reviews, not to validate my thoughts but to help me see something from different perspectives and maybe pick up something I missed while viewing.

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  3. I use MAL to keep track of what I’ve seen/read, where I’m at with shows and manga, and I rate for myself, to reminds me I loved this or that. It puzzles me when people get butthurt over these things tho, other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter for your enjoyment. People are weird :’D


  4. What you said is true, especially considering the fact that people don’t rate on the same scale. What is an individual’s scoring system relative to? Other anime as a whole? Any media they’ve seen? Only anime they have seen? When you throw all these options (plus the others that undoubtedly exist), it becomes a much more complicated thing.

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    1. I think my mind glanced passed those concepts, but you are right. There are way too many things in the way of having anything close to having an objective opinion.


  5. And that’s exactly why I’ll always prefer analysis over simply putting a score against something and calling it a day.

    Analysis at least provides reasoning into your own subjective take on a series without trying to “objectively” approach something (which you can’t do anyway, so there’s no point in trying to).

    I really enjoyed this read, it sums up my own thoughts on the subject really well.

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