(Manga first reaction) Psyren: Volume 1

Since Psyren is completed at 16 volumes, I just wanted to throw out my quick opinion on it.  I’m trying my best to learn to control my pace more by attempting to read one volume a week. That is also an attempt to slow down on spending, because manga can get real expensive real fast.  On that front, it’s really hard with this manga because of how great of a hook it had in the beginning that didn’t let go through book itself.  Psyren has a lot going on, but it all just meshes somehow.  It takes a great writer to put a lot of ideas together in a cohesive manner in a short manner of time.

The two main characters of Psyren are Ageha Yoshina, a low life person who doesn’t know what he wants out of life yet and will solve other people’s problems for a moderate amount of yen, and Sakurako Amamiya, Ageha’s female friend in elementary school, but has long since become more distant and mysterious.  Sakurako is the only one who seems to have a grasp of what is going on.

With people “disappearing” one after another by this unknown organization called Psyren into a mysterious deserted plain, rumors and questions have been traveling around the internet about what Psyren’s real goal is.  Applicants disappear shortly after using a red phone card that they receive through mysterious.  What is Psyren’s goal?   What is Psyren?  Where do the people go?  Why don’t they come back?  Why are people interested in buying these phone cards on the internet?  All of the questions are what makes the plot interesting.  Uncovering everything one piece at a time seems to be this manga’s goal.

From what I’ve read so far, it’s definitely a good read that I can recommend to people.  Maybe it gets worse later on, but from I’ve heard it doesn’t.  It has elements of a battle shonen series and a little bit of that death game thing that has become popular these days.  Not to mention that the art of the backgrounds and the character designs are very simple, but incredibly distinct.  Please give this one a shot.  I will report back when I read more.


  1. I definitely enjoy these series so far. I’m up to volume 13 so I haven’t finished it all yet, but it is very unique. Down the line it turns into more of a standard action title, but the survival beginning was cool and I like the main character. It has its flaws, but I’d definitely call it solid in the end.


  2. Man, what a blast from the past. It’s been ages since I’ve last hear anyone talk about Psyren, which is a shame because it really stands out from other shounens.
    The only sucky thing was that it got cancelled, so the mangaka had to hurry and finish it, so the ending suffers from it T_T


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