(Quick Review) Digimon Adventure Tri: Movie 3

Quick Update:

Over the next week or so, I know that most of what I am posting is going to be based on reviews of seasonal shows that just ended.  To break up that feeling of sameness, I’m going to interject as many things as I can write between them.  This might not work because I don’t have all the time in the world to write, but I definitely think it’s worth a shot.  Maybe I’ll get a few other posts written this weekend and delay their launching.  Who knows?

The Actual Review:

I just want to throw this out now, there will be spoilers throughout this review.  I am going to automatically assume that everybody who is reading this has at least watched the past two films.  IF you haven’t, this is your warning.

-Story and Characters:

Since this is a third movie based on an older anime/tv series called Digimon.  I don’t feel like I have to go into more detail explaining who the characters are.  If you haven’t at least watched the last two films, then what are you doing here?  The only new character added to the cast was Meiko Mochizuki and her digimon, Meicoomon.  Her introduction into the world of the other cast is what sets off the plot of the entire movie series.

Meicoomon is the infected digimon that slowly attacks the digital realm and also leads to the infection of the other digi destined’s digimon.  This is honestly the most heart wrenching part of this movie series right now.  Each digimon knew that they would go away eventually, despite putting all their heart and soul into fighting off the infected Digimon and winning the right to continue living, and they spent time with each of their beloved people.  I’m not going to say what the ending is like, but you can probably guess what it is like based on what I just told you.  At least until the last ten minutes J.

A major issue that I have with it all is that sometimes it feels like this movie had a bit too much melodrama.  It goes from one sad event, to another, then to another one, and so on and so forth.  Also, there is a lot of unexplained technobabble and a concept called “the reset” which came out of nowhere.  So yeah, there is nothing flawless here, but at least the emotions behind everything felt real.

-Art and Animation:

Until four fifths of the way through the movie, there is honestly nothing special about either the art or the animation.  Most of the film is full of still and lip flaps of characters.  Barely any movement at all really.  There are plenty of scene cuts of characters going from one place automatically to another place in a still frame.  The backgrounds weren’t that different or enchanting until the same time.  They were just full of general school, city, and apartment backgrounds.

Once the movie gets to that point, it’s like the flood gate was just opened up.  The fight choreography of digimon transforming, flying around, and attacking each other in some of the most fluid animation I’ve seen.  The backgrounds were also amazingly interesting because the digimon were fighting around inside and outside of a portal to the digital world.  Absolutely incredible.  You can tell that the animators spent all their time on this part and it was worth it.


IF you have had some investment into the characters of Digimon, then this movie and its two previous films in the series are for you.  These characters are no longer kids and how many times have you seen characters grown up after their series ended?  Nostalgia is one thing, but having nostalgia with new material behind it is quite another.  Just beware the inevitable heart wrenching that is going to come from watching this film.

Even if you haven’t watched Digimon Adventure before, then I would still recommend watching this because there is enough context from the other two movies for the uninitiated to get these characters and a little bit of their story.

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