(Summer 2016 in Review/Animesque): 91 Days and Thunderbolt Fantasy

91 Days:

A long while back, I remember a certain anime youtuber Bakashift asking Japan if they could make a mafia anime without special powers.  I feel like 91 Days answers that question and a lot more.  Not only does it fulfill those requirements, but it does it on an excellent level.  At this moment, this is another one of my top anime of summer 2016 and possibly in my top ten of the year so far.  Maybe I’m over hyping it a little bit, but I certainly had a great time with this series.

I feel completely ashamed again.  In my first reaction of this series, I originally said that I didn’t like the main character because he only had a single thought on his mind.  By the end of the series, I feel like I understood Avilio/Angelo a lot more.  I mean, how many people would just let the death of their family go?  In the end, revenge was the only thing he had left. Angelo and Nero’s friendship was the driving force of this series.  Nero Vanetti is the oldest son and heir of the Vanetti mob family.  Compared to Angelo, who doesn’t seem to have much character at first, Nero has a lot of it and it’s slowly drained out of him by Angelo as the series progresses.  These two characters are only the main stars of a larger cast of great characters.

91 Days has great art work, but not so great animation.  The scenery is highly reminiscent of a city in the 1930’s.  Along with that, the cars are from that year, people are wearing suits of that time period, the weapons are of that age, and a lot more details.  The amount detail and research making this anime feel like the correct time period is incredible.  Still, as I mentioned before, animation is a huge minus.  There are a lot of still frames with transitions that characters skip from one area to another.  Also, the cgi cars.  which had most of the movement in the series.  Studio Shuka is a newer production studio that has a lot of potential.  I look forward to seeing what they do in the future.

If 91 Days had any major flaws, it would be either the character of Fango, who was an annoyance to everybody and I personally didn’t mind him, or the fact that this anime should have been a movie rather than a series.  91 Days didn’t have as strong of a middle section because it was laying around without any momentum to it, but they didn’t the series for me in anyway.  That being said, it was still a great ride and an excellent character piece.  If you don’t mind some blood and gore, then go ahead and watch this.

Thunderbolt Fantasy:

Is originality the only thing that matters?  In a world like this one were originality is slowly no longer becoming a concept, execution is the main thing that concerns me.  That’s where Thunderbolt Fantasy shines.  With its highly detailed Taiwanese puppetry, it’s wonderfully over the top voice acting, great over the top dialogue, and its ham filled characters, this show is just a delight.  Considering that this is far different from everything else I’ve reviewed, this is how far I’m going with this.   I don’t have anything else to compare this too.  If what I said sounds interesting, please give this one a try.  The entertainment value alone is what makes this worth watching.  Add everything else on top of that and it’s just glorious.

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