(Continuing from Summer 2016) Jojo and Days

This solid season has come to an end and you know what my thoughts are on those shows.  It’s sad seeing those shows come to an end, but the sadness doesn’t need to continue for too long.  The fall season has just started in which there might be more shows entertaining shows then I thought there would be and some shows from the summer are continuing into the fall.  Here are some quick thoughts on the later.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 4


This is a show that started in the spring and has recently gotten to its twenty seventh episode.  What amazes me is that I haven’t gotten tired of it.  Compared to the other parts of Jojo, this is way more of a slice of life story.  It’s a more relaxed part that takes the world traveling battle series and places it into one location, the city of Morioh.  While there is a villain, and a good villain at that, it’s still a show that centers around three high school boys having fun and living life.  It’s incredibly easy to describe this show by calling it Ed, Edd, and Eddy with super powers.

I don’t know what it is about this part, but I’m having the time of my life.  Maybe it’s just the uniqueness of seeing the battle shonen formula presented in such a low key way.  The villain scenes are just as solid and interesting as other the parts, but they are used sparingly.  This makes the villain moments feel incredibly special and fantastic.  I’m just sad that this part is going to end soon.  There are only twelve episodes to go until it’s over.  Hopefully part 5 gets an adaption as well, because I haven’t gotten my complete fill of this franchise yet and probably never will.



I didn’t think that I would get as much enjoyment out of this series as I currently am.  This was originally an experiment to watch more sports anime and see what the tropes are, but I completely forgot about doing that.  I mean sure, Days has some pacing problems with the semi-final and final of a soccer tournament coming completely out of nowhere and not letting us know more about Sayuri until episode thirteen when she originally showed up in the first episode, but I’m still liking this show.  Even with its slide show presentation style of animation with some bad cg on the side, the characters are so endearing even with their inherent moeness.  As flawed as Days is, I am still looking forward to more.  Especially with great character episodes similar to what was presented after the team lost.  There is some fantastic character writing going on.

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