Why I choose not to have a favorite anime

When somebody asks you what your favorite anime, what do you respond with?  Do you have an already set in answer that you can shot out in a moment’s notices or do you have to put more thought into what you are going to say?  I used to have a set in list that I had on my MyAnimeList profile and I would always refer to that when I was asked this question, but after a while I just left it there because I didn’t know what to do with it.  I would look at other people’s 3×3’s and feel jealous that I couldn’t narrow down my list of series that I really like in any way to make one.  It’s not that I didn’t like those shows anymore, because they are all fantastic, but I was many other series that I felt were great behind.  In the end, I didn’t know what to think about this.

To solve this problem, I just decided to not choose any of them.  It was the easiest solution to fixing this problem.  I continually watch more seasonal anime and anime that have long since aired so my pool of anime knowledge is always growing.  Knowing that the number of anime I’ve watched is nearing 500, why would I want to choose one anime to title as my favorite.  Anime is a diverse medium/art form and choosing one anime to represent my taste feels completely wrong.  Not even a top ten list would give me the capacity to do that.  Yes, there are some anime that I like much better than others, but in my repertoire, there are some that I consider on the same level for different reasons.

My second problem with having a favorite is uncertainty.  When you watch something that is on a close level to being your favorite, how are you sure that the series that you decided is your favorite is still your favorite?  Unless you rematch your favorite series all the time to reinforce that it is, you don’t know for sure that it is.  A favorite is always based on bias, but a person’s taste changes over time.  After a while, when you rewatch a series that you consider a favorite for a long time, you might not feel the same way about it.  Then you wonder why you ever thought it was in the first place.  There is also a possibility that you like it even more for different reasons too.  It’s impossible to know.

So maybe I’m putting too much thought into this.  I mean, this is about watching something because we enjoy it, right?  Well, that is all true.  I’m not going to judge people who do have a defined list of favorites that they love to death.  Go crazy.  Go watch the things that you like and favorite the shows that you deem a good enough quality to favorite.  This reasoning is for me alone and I don’t want to offend people with my own insanity.  Just know that when people ask me what my favorite shows are, I’m going to respond by saying “I haven’t watched enough yet”.


  1. Sooo, what’s your favorite Anime?

    That aside, when it comes to myself, while I don’t have a list, a few titles come to mind when asked the question. So depending on if the person is or is not a fan of anime, I’ll give them the first one that comes to mind, or the “list” and discuss further.

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  2. I myself definitely fall on the other side of this approach to favoritism in that I keep numerous lists and hierarchies all over the place as food for thought. What I’ve come to find is that, while I may list one anime or another as my favorite or top 5 (etc.) that it generally doesn’t make much of a difference given how much I enjoy all of my favorite shows. I feel like the anime I list as my favorites and those I give high scores to feed into a kind of identity for me. In speaking about them and listing them in certain ways, they form a general image of what kind of viewer I am and that I think makes the whole process worthwhile to me.

    Might even write out my own thoughts about this kind of subject sometime if I ever get the motivation to do so. Thanks for the provocative post.

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  3. I can definitely understand your position on this. If it’s hard to think of a top anime off the cuff, then your answer of “I haven’t seen enough yet” is perfect because you never know when you’ll come across the ultimate gem. I do feel like everyone has a perfect anime waiting for them at some point though and I believe that you will know when you see it. For example, Yugioh GX is my favorite anime and I just know it is because no other show is even remotely close. The average episode in that show can beat top episodes in other series for me and then it’s a landslide once the climax begins. The rest of my top 5 is mostly set as well (Madoka, Digimon Data Squad, Yugioh 5Ds, and One Punch Man) but those can definitely be tossed around at some point.

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  4. I hate this question what is your favourite anime? I can’t pick an answer either it is too hard I’m like any hopeless fan having way too many favourites I could put that into genre categories that would be easier I reckon.

    But this question your right Scott is based upon people’s bias opinion, always be ever changing the answer to this question.

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  5. I definitely have a group of favourites (that seems to get bigger every time I think about it). When forced to pick I’d go with D Gray Man just for the fact that when I watched it I hadn’t seen all that many animes (beyond Sailor Moon and the obvious titles) and it completely blew me away and really cemented me as an anime fan.

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  6. I see what you’re saying and it’s one of the best things I’ve read regarding the question of favourite anime even though I have one myself. I feel like a favourite anime is something that is protected by time so with each year that passes the anime gets better kind of like how something is good for nostalgic purposes. Personally I feel it’s harder to make a top 5, 10, etc. list for the same reason you said, that preferences change over time.

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  7. I usually respond with “In which genre?” or something like that in hopes that it’ll narrow down a choice, but there are still too many to choose from. I do have favourites but not a top favourite.

    But I love your response to the question, “I haven’t watched enough yet”. I may just need to borrow that the next time someone asks me what my favourite anime is 😛

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  8. Eh, I just roll with it. I didn’t have a favorite at all for a very long time, until Fairy Tail came along. It just hit all the right buttons, ya know? 🙂 Now my answer has changed to One Piece, and that’s perfectly fine. A favorite does not need to stay that way forever or be constantly compared. It just is, and it’s not like you’re marrying it. 😉

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