Anime Kickstarter: MECHA-UDE

In recent years, Kickstarter has been taking a larger role in the world of anime.  There are small passion projects like Kick Heart or Under the Dog that have gained some notice, but Skip Beat and Escaflowne getting a dub from a fully funded kickstarter are big things.  It changes the face of the industry by having individuals backing anime projects directly.  While I doubt that crowd support can fully fund a cour of an anime, it does provide a route for passionate creators to create individual pieces of art.  I believe Mecha-Ude is one of them.  From what it says on their kickstarter page, this is to help the creators behind this to put together a bigger and better production team for a larger project later on.  This can do nothing but help the anime industry.

The point of this post is not to explain what Mecha-Ude is, because you can find that by clicking on this link to the official site, but to let you know that this exists.  The story sounds like a battle shonen with a bunch of Doctor Octopusses wandering around, but the art concept designs look really cool.  I would like to see where they can take this.  Just look at what is on the kickstarter page and see if you want to support it.  No pressure on you at all.

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