(Fall 2016 First Impressions): Tiger Mask W and Izetta: The Last Witch


After three weeks and watching three episodes of some shows, it’s time for some first reactions.  These will continue on for a while and I will hopefully intersperse them with some other forms of content, but most likely not.  I will try my best, but I have a decently busy life and not as much time as I want to write. 

Tiger Mask W:

Continuing one of the recent themes of older anime and manga getting a fresh coat paint is Tiger Mask W.  A soft reboot or continuation of the original Tiger Mask series.  It is a wrestling anime and it goes the full blown and ridiculous route.  With wrestlers training by climbing up steep cliffs, beating up bears with their fists, or having ten or more punching bags flying right at them, I can safely say that this is taking the ridiculousness as far as it can while maintaining some grounding.  This doesn’t mean that there isn’t drama to it, because there is plenty of that added into the formula of over the top action scenes, but it’s not the main focus.  So far, the show has been a decent watch.  I hope that continues.  Getting to know these strange characters has been pretty fun so far.

Some issues that I have with it are the action scenes aren’t as well animated as they could be.  Maybe this is Toei being Toei, because they haven’t been known for their high quality animation recently, or we could use the excuse of Toei replicating “older animation” based on the age of its original source material, but I don’t like excuses.  I hope it improves as time goes on.  The other one is pacing.  While episode 3 gave more information about the backstory of the show, it can still be called a recap episode.  That’s a weird place to put one.  I hope this trend doesn’t continue.

Izetta: The Last Witch:

I didn’t expect this show to be as good as it was.  Knowing the reputation of one of the writers behind it, Hiroyuki Yoshino, he was a partial writer on Code Geass and wrote some terrible things after it, I expected something far worse.  So yes, I was decently surprised.  Episode one repeated a lot of beats from Code Geass’ episode one, but since episode two the show has taken on its own identity and has been good since then.  Oh, I should probably get into what the show is about.

Izetta takes place during an era that we can call the beginning of World War two.  The Not-Germans or Germanians are in the middle of their blitzkrieg and their takeover of the small country of Eylstadt.  In order to acquire help, the princecess Fine is on the run from the Germanians in order to acquire help from Britanians.  Fine happens to run into and save her witch friend, Izetta, who was held captive in a special tank by the Germanians.  Ever since then, the show focuses more on the trenches of the war between Elystadt and Germania.  The production values are extremely good and a lot of detail has been made to make the show as authentic as possible from its world war 1 vs world war 2 tactics and era appropriate tanks, planes, weaponry, general technology, and clothing.  Also, the characters are decently fleshed out. Watch it, I think you will find some enjoyment from it.

The only thing that really annoys me is the fanservice.  There is some slight yuri baiting which is fine, but there is an unnecessary princess shower scene that doesn’t add anything to the show itself in the first episode, an almost naked shot of the princess in the second episode showing her scars, and Izetta has some random butt shots through tank peep holes in the latest episode.  It doesn’t take away from the show at all, but it’s annoying that these are there. More time could be spent developing these characters and not showing how developed they are. *cough*

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