Second Season Impressions: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

To be completely obvious here, you definitely need to watch the first season of this show to watch this one.  A lot of what has happened in the second season so far is a direct result of all that has happened in season one.  Gjallarhorn, after facing a defeat and losing some political power, is still around but is not as much of a cohesive unit as it used to be, the usage of child soldiers is still on the raise due to Tekkadan’s success, there are also a lot of physical affects from the over use of alaya vijnana system on some characters, and the prom’s tomorrow. *cough* That’s a lot to get into, but the world building is what I love about the Gundam franchise and that is no exception here.

So yes, I like this season a lot so far.  It’s just as slow as Iron-Blooded Orphan’s first season, but there is a heavy amount of story and plot focused around a large amount of characters.  That’s bound to happen.  We see how the main cast has changed and there are also a lot of new characters that get introduced.  Put in some solid action scenes and you have the show itself.   So at this moment, I have high hopes for this season because it has a solid start with some interesting ideas, but I’m also nervous.  A lot of gundam shows have fallen in quality in their second half and I hope that Iron-Blooded Orphans doesn’t suffer from that.  Fingers crossed.

3 thoughts on “Second Season Impressions: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

  1. I have just finished binge watching this series took me only a day and a half to get through but awww man loved every second it was soo good can’t wait to see the second season !!! I’ll be doing a write up on this for certain XD

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