(First Reactions): All Out!! and Drifters

I’m finding these two shows difficult to talk about.  Considering that these shows have some basic premises that don’t stray too far from their formulas to make them stand out.  Maybe that will happen in the future, but these three episodes do not give that impression at all.

All Out!!

This show is easy to start talking about.  It’s an anime about rugby.  Like other sports shows that I’ve been looking at and finding trends for, it also features two main characters that are the exact opposite of each other so they feel complete when they are together.  Gion is a short, go getter who is a completely newbie at rugby who wants to join the team immediately.  Iwashimizu is an extremely tall and extremely skilled person at rugby, but has a lot of self-confidence issues.  I can definitely see those characters balancing each other out in future episodes, but I’m generally looking forward to it.  Especially seeing some epic rugby matches.  From the latest episode, this show has some slight Jojo feeling to it.  Buff kids who look like they should be playing rugby dramatically posing some times and beating other buff kids up.  That makes another Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure light, which makes All Out disappointing.

So some things that I am keeping an eye out in terms of flaws is the animation quality.  All Outs!! Has not proven itself to be a high quality action series from Madhouse.  Mad House, the company that brought us One Punch Man and Hunter X Hunter (2011) made this?  You can hardly tell.  That may seem like a nitpick, but I have some high expectations for this studio.   In the end,  I can’t help feeling disappointed about this show.  It’s very basic with very little anything to make it more interesting.  Don’t be surprised if I drop this one in the future.


Well, Drifters is another easy anime to explain.  During their deaths, characters from different time periods and locations throughout history are sent into a dark fantasy land in an eternal battle or game between two mysterious god like figures.  These characters from history are called Drifters.  The primary goal is to have these strange characters from all walks of life and time team up to fight the oppressive Black King.  Beyond that, it’s about what you expect from the creator of Hellsing.  Lots of bloody combat and action mixed in with some off putting comedy that doesn’t fit the show.  Exactly like Hellsing.  The direction of each action scene and the animation are incredible.  Still, I can’t help but think about its other flaws then comedy.

Right now, the characters are incredibly basic.  It’s like we are supposed to know about each of them through historical context beforehand and because of this trait, there is almost no character to it besides the basics.  Episode three was rather hurtful because just when the show had some character growth by having the three characters form a team and work together, episode three focused on some other characters that didn’t feel like anybody at all.  The action was great, but I need more character to get behind before the action jells with me.

2 thoughts on “(First Reactions): All Out!! and Drifters

  1. I haven’t tried either of these because Drifters is unavailable in my region and I just wasn’t willing to pick up another sports anime this season so didn’t try All out. It will be interesting to see if you continue them and how they go.

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