Out of my Comfort Zone

Since it’s been ten days and I’ve only got one question on my 100th blog post, I decided to make an entire blog post about this.  The one question I got from Cauthan Reviews is “What show that you would consider outside of your typical comfort zone did you find yourself enjoying the most and did it affect how you approached similar shows afterwards”.

I have a very simple answer for the first part.  The anime that I have enjoyed the most completely out of my comfort zone is Days.  I honestly thought that the actual anime would be Battery, considering that is more of my kind of show, but that the ending and some other issues that I thought the show had just ruined the experience.  While I don’t think that Days is a perfect anime by any means, I still look forward to it ever Saturday.  It’s the show that I save for last after I have finished all others shows for that day.  I just like the interactions between the characters and the insane soccer antics that happen from time to time.  I may even have a crush on Ubukata, which I feel bad about because she’s a high school student still and I left high school a long while ago.  *sigh* Moving back on topic, seasonal anime allows me to try out more genres that are far from my range, like sports, while also watching shows that I would usually watch.  Each series is only going to be 23 minutes a week.  Considering that there is 168 hours in a week, that is literally nothing.  Expanding horizons is fun.

How I approached Days has definitely changed how I approach other sports shows.  I dived into All Out!!, Tiger Mask W, and Yuri on Ice from this current season with no hesitation at all.  In the future, I also plan on checking out both Kuruko no Basuke and Hajime no Ippo at some point because I’ve heard great things about both.  Yeah, they are at least on my very long watch list now instead of me just going “eeeeeeh” and pushing them to the side like I don’t want to acknowledge their existence.  So what I really am saying is, sports anime have now appeared on my radar.

So I ask this question of all of you.  What show in the past or right now was way out of your comfort zone and how does it affect your anime watching experience going forward?  You can leave a comment down below or make your own post.  I’ll leave that up to you. I don’t force anybody to do anything they don’t want to do.


  1. Ooo an entire post; nice answer. Similarly, I’ve never been a real fan of sports shows but in the same way that Days has broadened your horizon, Haikyuu did so for me. I still only tentatively watch them but I’m definitely far more accepting of the genre after having seen something that entertaining. Ping Pong the Animation I suppose aided in that as well but I don’t think it’s particularly indicative of the genre despite how phenomenal it is. I’d recommend Haikyuu if you plan on checking out more sports shows in the future. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yeah, Ping Pong The Animation is fantastic but it’s so different from everything else that it doesn’t count

      And yeah an entire post. Only seemed fair and it was fun write :D. I will probably check out Haikyuu at some point. Thanks for the suggestion.


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