(Fall 2016 First Reaction) Girlish Number

This is another show that I didn’t expect much out of when first watching and once again, I was surprised.  To give some sort of idea about it what it is, it’s like Shirobako but its focus is on the a cast of young voice acting girls and all the idealism is taken out and replaced with cynicism.  This is pretty evident during the opening scene.  Voice actors introduce themselves to the audience and explain what role they played in the show, but there is a lot of back talking and “I don’t want to be here” that the crowd can’t hear.  Possibly more realistic reactions than what is expected.  There is even more evidence of this when the light novel adaption that the main cast is a part of is in production trouble.  This isn’t a spoiler, because this is made obvious in the first episode as well.

The main character of Girlish Number is Chitose Karasuma.  The best way I can describe is, if you have ever watched Rugrats, Angelica if she was grown up.  Sure, she may look cute on the outside, but there is a lot of ugliness on the inside.  In her mind, Chitose thinks she is far more talented then she is.  The reality is that she is currently terrible at voice acting, but her ego makes Chitose feel bigger and better then she is.  It’s going to be a fun ride to see Chitose repeatedly hit her head against a wall and eventually grow as a person or eventually fail miserably because of the production issues in the anime they are working on.  This one is kind of a hard one to recommend.  If what I said sounds interesting, then give this one a try.  You might find that you like it.

2 thoughts on “(Fall 2016 First Reaction) Girlish Number

  1. I’m currently midway through the second episode. I got distracted while watching but haven’t yet felt inclined (or had the time) to go back and finish the episode. That said, I do intend to watch a bit more of this series once things in the real world settle down for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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