Anime Challenge Day 1: The First Anime I’ve Ever Watched



Without ever knowing that it was an anime, the first anime that I ever watched was Pokémon.  This was a time slightly before I started watching Toonami.  I was also in elementary school and Pokémon was everywhere.  I remember buying trading cards, dressing up as a trainer for Halloween, and even the fact that the plastic Pokéballs were banned at my school.  Those were crazy times, but I miss them sometimes.

About the series itself, it’s everything a kid would have ever wanted.  Ten years going on adventures collecting monsters, gathering friends, and fighting villains.  What part of that doesn’t appeal to kids?  I can’t go back and feel about the series as much as I used to, but I’m glad I watched it when I did.  Running home from the bus stop to watch this show was magical.  Such good times.

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  1. Karandi says:

    It’s interesting how we do that as kids. I would normally say my first anime was Sailor Moon but that probably isn’t true because I’m pretty sure I’d watched Astro Boy and a whole bunch of other shows that are anime without knowing they were when I was younger.

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    1. Scott says:

      It really is, though it’s probably because we didn’t know enough or anybody back then.

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    2. Merlin says:

      And that is why I just picked the first one that I knew was “anime.” Namely, DBZ.

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