Anime Challenge Day 2: Favorite Anime I’ve Currently Watched

I always have a lot of trouble when it comes to this, so here are five different series that I hit with a dart on the dart board that is my brain.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

In a lot of ways, this series can be considered perfection.  Not a lot of series have the same level of world (universe) building that Legend of the Galactic Heroes has.  From its highly explained history that goes into the backstory of side of the main conflict, to the epic space battles that have thousands of ships with high levels of thought of strategy put into them, to the characters that have long spanning arcs are always going somewhere, there is so much good going on here.  If you ever wanted to watch Star Wars that has more of an intellectual side to it, this is it.  Trust me.


When two girls named Nana meet, what happens?  They create an amazing series that is way too real.  This is what happens when you take a lot of shoujo series and make them more adult.  Both Nanas and other characters they meet along the way are not in high school and each decision they make effects their lives in unprecedented and long lasting ways.  Nana follows the ups and downs of life in a realistic manner.  I should also mention the music, because band drama is also a big thing here and the music is fantastic.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Following Cyborg Motoko Kusanagi and here elite unit of cyborg people plus one normal guy called Public Security Section Nine, Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk series that protects the public from cyber-attacks and crimes.  While each series is focused around a different major crime, there are amazing episodes in between that explore the world Ghost in the Shell is set in.  How cyberization has effected society itself is deeply explored along with the cast of characters that are in section nine.  Not to mention that the animation and art still look amazing.  It may be confusing at times, but GIT:SAC is fantastic.

Kino’s Journey

I say that Kino’s Journey is like Star Trek, but on land.  Kino and her talking bike travel from country to country and each country is connected to a different philosophical lesson.  Kino herself is a static character, but her development isn’t the point of the show.  The countries are.  We are just here to get Kino’s point of view and she is a fantastic point of view character.  There isn’t as much to explain on this one, but you should go along for the journey too.


After saving somebody he shouldn’t have and being accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Doctor Tenma leaves to catch the ultimate villain that he has awoken again with the police on tow behind him.  Monster is one of the best if not the best psychological thriller series out there.  Sure, Monster has a slow pace to it, but the pace works in the show’s favor.  Each incident adds another layer to Monster’s story.  It’s all worth it, trust me.

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