Anime Challenge Day 4: Favorite Female Character

Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat


Having a long list of great female characters in my head this was a hard choice to make, but I feel like I made the right choice.  While Kyoko isn’t an amazing fighter or bad ass on a large amount of levels, she is very emotionally complex.  Her backstory is compelling and the reason why she is the way she makes so much sense.  Sure, she has a large amount of crazy in her that everybody in the show that seems to notice, but her emotional break down moments are truly show where she is in life.  Also, while she doesn’t have much experience acting, she has some major talent that shines through and through during many different moments of Skip Beat.  She is just awesome and I wish there was more Skip Beat to watch.

3 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 4: Favorite Female Character

  1. Interesting choice. I didn’t make it very far into Skip Beat so I don’t really remember the characters that well but this is definitely a different answer to this question. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yeah, some of my answers are different and some of them are as cliche as they can be.

      For this one, I was thinking of a lot of those typical bad ass female characters who are great characters, but went with a different direction.

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  2. Haven’t seen past the first episode as of yet, but it’s on my list. Still, this is a unique answer. For me, the difficulty was picking one that wasn’t my anime crush, so I went with a strong female badass instead, Erza Scarlet.


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