Anime Challenge Day 5: Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoyed.

The Lost Village


The series doesn’t make a lick of sense at all.  The story was all over the place, the characters were cliché, the graphics and cg were bad, and nobody died despite Lost Village being some kind of horror story.  It failed on so many accounts that I still can’t believe that it exists.  Yet, I still loved watching it.  I loved watching the craziness from episode to episode because I never knew what to expect or how bad the show could go.  It was amazingly terrible and I am ashamed of enjoying it.

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  1. Karandi says:

    I liked how The Lost Village started but my frustrations with the plot and characters meant by half-way I wasn’t having any fun with this series anymore. That said, I tend to like bad horror (particularly movies) where I know everything is terrible (characters, dialogue, story, effects). I find them amusing and relaxing to watch and in honesty I’d binge bad horror all day rather than read or watch a classic when I’m in a bad mood.

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