Anime Challenge Day 13: Anime Character I’m most similar to

Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


This one is an easy one to explain.  My friends are, in their own terms, weirdos and I always seem to be the average one to anchor the group down to normalcy.  Somehow, I’m always the one that questions other people’s strange motives, so I guess this is just me.  I fit in with their weird antics at times, but I know enough to fit in what people call the normal realm.  Still, I don’t mind this comparison.  I think it’s pretty fun.

Sorry, no deep answer to this one.  I couldn’t think of a really good character example, so this is what I ended up with.

10 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 13: Anime Character I’m most similar to

  1. I always kind of related to Kyon as well, though mostly because I’m the one who gives sarcastic suggestions and then regrets it when the people around me take it seriously and realise there is no point in arguing with them once they have an idea stuck in their heads.

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  2. You’re the normal one among your friends? Heh, I think I like your circle of friends! 😉

    I chose Usopp, the guy without the superpowers who is just trying to get by and be a better man than he was, and he tells outrageous stories. 🙂

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