Anime Challenge Day 16: Anime with the best animation

I am going completely cliché here, somewhat.  Cowboy Bebop.

From a television anime point of view around the year it came out, nothing could beat it.  When it’s updated on the latest Blu-ray edition from Funimation, it still looks amazing.  Even compared shows that come out today.  I’m not just talking art and soundtrack.  The smoothness of the action scenes and the flight scenes cannot be denied.  There is just so much detail put into every movement and it feels just so natural.  Natural in the way that it feels realistic.  While Cowboy Bebop has a lot of crazy antics, the action is incredibly visceral.  The choreography is amazing.  I’ve fallen in love with Cowboy Bebop many times for a lot of reasons and I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon.

The movie expands on this even more.  From update to 16:9 ratio from the original 4:3 the show was on, the Cowboy Bebop movie takes every advantage it from angles to how far a character can reach to hit some one.  I love Cowboy Bebop to death.

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