Anime Challenge 18: Favorite Female Supporting Character

Mineva Zabi/Audrey Burne from Gundam Unicorn (Beware spoiler things)


Ok, so I’m being slighty unfair with this one.  She made appearances in two series before it.  She was born in Gundam 0079 and made an appearance in Zeta Gundam.  Older gundam fans knew exactly who she was the second they saw her, but Audrey didn’t play a bigger role in the gundam franchise until Unicorn.

Audrey is the last heir of the Zabi family.  A family that started the terrible one year war and was the leader of Zeon, the government that people want to come back so they have a guiding light to look at.  There are many Neo Zeon movements throughout the Universal Century.

Okay, now that backstory is out the way, Mineva is a fantastic character.  Her first action is to defy what her family has taught her by trying to stop a war.  She jumps ship and makes it to the third party that has questionable motives and has the key to stopping the war immediately.  This is also where she meets the main character, but that is beside the point.  While she is a huge light post to all that follow zeon, she is her own person.  She follows her own rules for her own reasons.  She’s been on the run for a long time because of this fact.  I also love the fact that she plays such an important part to the ending of the series.  She is not a fighter, but her voice has so much power and she uses it well.

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