Anime Challenge Day 20: Anime Character that gets on my nerves

Shippo from Inuyasha


While I could have just put the entire cast of this show on this spot, Shippo was a stand out.  He was small, annoying, and didn’t do much to help the crew in anyway.  Kind of like Scrappy Doo in the Scooby Doo series.  Nobody seemed to want him around, which is saying a lot, yet he was always there.  GO AWAY SHIPPO.  The worse part were his powers.  He could do illusions and they never did anything besides distract somebody for a second or too.  Just no.  UUUUUGH.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Interesting pick. I always thought he was like Scrappy or Pikachu. The one member in the team that is small and active. I wish he was more of a fighter than someone that just does illusions and flies.

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    1. Scott says:

      Yeah, he just doesn’t do anything and it’s kind of frustrating.

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      1. Matthew says:

        He maybe he’s there to provide comedy humor almost like Jaken with Sesshomaru.

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  2. Merlin says:

    Sanji, from One Piece. Hands down, no contest whatsoever.

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