(Quick Review) Gundam: The Origin Episode 4

(Quick Review) Gundam: The Origin Episode 4

I watched this last night and just to write something about it.  Watching anything Universal Century Gundam is the closest that I ever get to fanboying over something.  Especially when it is something this good.  This last episode is more about set up than anything else, but it set up that I always wanted to know about.  How these each the characters and factions interact with each other is completely fascinating to me.  Finally, we get to see the definitive roots of the one year war.  Finally, this all comes together.  Gundam: The Origin is the perfect prequel to the original Gundam series that I always wanted.  So spoilers to all those people who haven’t seen the original Gundam series or any of the origin movies.  In fact, what are you doing here if you haven’t seen any of those?  So, beware my wild nerd fanboy ramblings too.  That’s not a spoiler disclaimer, just a disclaimer.

Since I talked about all the set up that happened in the film, I need to say something about what happened.  Episode four follows three different sets of people or plot elements.

-The first one, Char Aznable, is obvious considering that he was the focus of the last few episodes.  We see him outside of the military school and working with “mobile workers” or prototype mobile suits.  He gets involved in the first ever mobile suit vs mobile suit operation as well and meets Lalah Sune, a psychic who plays a very important part in the war.  It’s just a typical watching Char own and destroys everybody affair, but it’s amazing because he’s such a great character.

-The second one is Tam Ray, Amuro Ray’s father.  He’s completely obsessed with mobile suits and neglects everybody and everything, including his own son, that isn’t one.  He travels from one location to another on business trips to explore the fundementals of mobile suits and his special project, the Gundam.  He also watches the first mobile suit battle.  Tam Ray is an insufferable character and this just shows more of that.  He cares more about his work than anything else.

-The third set of characters is Amuro Ray himself.  We see more of what his home life is like.  Frau Bow keeps an eye on him to make sure he’s still breathing.  Despite being a genius, he’s a complete slob that can’t even live on his own.  At school, the kids make fun of him for being a nerd and for being asleep during class.  We all know that he’s looking up his father’s mobile suit research data.  Typical nerd things, but that’s where his character was at the beginning of Gundam.  It’s nice to see more of that then just the first episode of Gundam 0079

As with all the other parts, the animation is fantastic.  Even the CG used on all of the machines.  They move so freely and realistically that I can’t complain about them.  The character designs still use the original designs but with updated visual effects from today.  I also the variety of battle locations.  Even though they are all small scale, the different settings show how many kinds of strategies that can be used in war or how the terrain of the moon is so different then some giant hole in the ground on Earth in terms or lighting and scenery.  I honestly just can’t think of any kind of complaint.

So in the end, I highly recommend Gundam: The Origin to everybody.   Even those who haven’t seen the original series.  It’s a very good story that is extremely well told.  Obviously, don’t start with this one.  Watching the first and on to get the full feeling of it.  If it keeps you interested, there is either the original series or the movie trilogy to jump into next.  It’s a solid place to start digging into the Gundam franchise.

Apparently, there is more origin stuff coming so this isn’t the end of this arc.  I guess it’s technically not the end of anything, just the beginning, but that’s beside the point.  More awesome Char-ness and more Gundam, which is always a good thing.  I openly admit that this isn’t that much of a review.  I just wanted to fanboy over something and had to put it somewhere.

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