Anime Challenge Day 22: Favorite Weapon, Gear, or Armor used in an anime

Subaru Nakajima’s Skates (Mach Caliber) from Nanoha Strikers

Nanoha roller blades.png

Okay this may seem completely out of nowhere, but they are so cool.  Like a lot of the technology from the Nanoha franchise, they are a combination of technology and magic that allow the user to cast spells and make her go faster than other people on the ground, though there are many people that can fly, bu t oh well.  There is a spell for that.  Wing Road is a spell that puts a magical road in the sky that Subaru or her sister can skate on.  This spell can also be cast in support of others if they are falling to the ground, but nah.  It’s all about skating in the sky.

What sets these skates apart from everybody else’s tool is that it’s not just a wand or something hand held that transforms into something, these are obviously on the user’s feet and wrists leaving the hands open for all kinds of attacks.  The increased mobility and dexterity is highly useful in combat.

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  1. Merlin says:


    I went with Usopp’s entire bag of tricks in One Piece. 😛

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