(??? Thoughts) Ghost in the Shell: Live Action Trailer

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GNm7IHLHgY&ab_channel=ZeroMedia

Looking at all the material that has been released, I don’t know how to feel about this upcoming movie.  I Iiked what all the five second clips presented about this film.  They had such an eerie and interesting atmosphere to them and they don’t tell you exactly what is going on.   I feel like we are meant to fill in the blanks ourselves.  That is a Ghost in the Shell thing.  A lot of entries in this franchise, like Stand Alone Complex and the original movie, never fill in the gaps for you.  The series continues with what it wants to tell you even if the audience doesn’t have a complete grasp of what’s going on.  It might take watching many episodes multiple times before fully understanding them.  Maybe that sounds pretentious, but that was true for me as well.  The trailer is where things get even more murky.

The trailer doesn’t look like anything but famous shots from the movie and and Stand Alone Complex.  There is the shot of Motoko Kusanagi jumping off a building in her camoflouge suit, another shot of Motoko beating somebody up while wearing camouflage with a water ground, the major being born, and so many others.  I’ve watched a lot of youtube videos with anime youtubers stating their opinions about it.  I honestly don’t understand people who automatically assume the context of scenes.  How do we know whether this is going to be a repeat of 1995 film in live action?  We don’t.  This is only a minute and a half of information of a movie that is at least going to be an hour and a half.  I don’t think we have been given enough information to make any sort of assumption like this.  That is putting in our own context into a scenario that hasn’t been given complete context yet.

In the end, I don’t think any of us have been enough information to judge the material.  With the trailer showing only famous scenes and some five second clips that don’t have any context, all we can judge is how the film looks and I think it looks okay.  Maybe there is also some quick acting and expressions from each actor, but that isn’t enough to go by either.  I can at least say that it looks cool.  What concerns me is what audience that the studio is trying to attract.  The trailer looks like it’s going for an already established fanbase that isn’t too interested in the film, because anime fans know about the reputation of most western live action anime adaptions.  The five second clips don’t appeal that much to most people either.  I don’t feel like this adaptation is going to be successful, but it can still be a decent film.  Maybe it get people interested in Ghost in the Shell and anime in general and that might be the best that we can hope for.

2 thoughts on “(??? Thoughts) Ghost in the Shell: Live Action Trailer

  1. I’m still unsure whether I’m looking forward to this or not and while the trailers have made me interested they haven’t made me think the film will actually be good because, as you pointed out, we still know pretty much nothing except that it looks kind of cool. Which I guess is enough for some movies but you’d kind of want more than the aesthetics in a movie from this franchise.

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