Anime Challenge Day 24: Most Shocking Moment

Episode one’s ending of Ushio and Tora season 2

To me, this was the moment that set up the entire second season of Ushio and Tora, so some big spoilers here if you haven’t seen it yet.  You have been warned.


After fighting off Hakumen’s minions and finding a moment to relax in between conflicts while hanging out with his most beloved for the most of the day.  After calling out Asako’s name (the person he likes the most), she doesn’t remember anything Ushio at all and wonders who Ushio is.  This was a beautiful scene with sakura blossoms falling over the place and everything.  From this moment on it gets worse because barely anybody that Ushio has met and made friends with from the past 26 episodes remembers him.  This was the beginning of the appearance of Hakumen and it was fantastic and heart breaking.

The best part is that this is mostly permanent and Ushio needs to work hard to get his alliances and friendships back.  It’s not done in any kind of redundant way, but it shows how great the villain is.  Yeah, I really do love Ushio and Tora for a lot of reasons.

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