Anime Challenge Day 27: Most bad ass scene from any character

Ashitaka Breaking up a fight between San and Lady Eboshi


There is just no contest with this one.  This is the moment when Ashitaka knocked Lady Eboshi and San out, grabs San and carries her over his shoulder, gets shot, still walks to the gate, proceeds to open the gate that takes many men to open, walks a little further, then passes out.  I mean seriously.  Who else could do that?  There are many other anime scenes that could be called bad ass, but this one just tops that list for me.  What makes this even better is Ashitaka calls San beautiful as he loses concscoiusness.  Bad ass and a smooth lady killer.  Just so much win.


  1. I’d say my pick would be Mustang burning Lust alive. A perfect blend of Yoshimichi Kameda’s visceral animation and great voice acting made it the reason why I consider it the moment Brotherhood got great.

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