30 Day Anime Challenge Wrap Up:

Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank everybody for following and sticking with me through this 30-day anime challenge.  I had an assembly line approach to this challenge.  When I got home from work every day, I would type up two challenge posts, edit two earlier posts, and then schedule those earlier post with days that lined up with their number.  I did this until I didn’t have any more posts to schedule.  I had everything scheduled into WordPress by the 14th of November.  If you can figure out your own process to get these posts out on time, it’s not that much of an issue.  Just make sure that you keep at it, otherwise you can fall behind.

By going through this challenge and reading my posts, I hope you got a glimpse of what my thinking process is like and what I look for in an anime series.  I also hope that a few of these challenge posts were big surprises and something that you did not expect to see.  It always makes me happy to surprise somebody in a good way.  But yes, if you noticed I never chose a favorite without some in-depth reasons behind them.  That’s just good thing, but is also one of my character flaws.  I think too much.  I can be spontaneous from time to time, but I always think out every situation a million times before I follow through.

So enough about me, time to talk about…me?  Just a little update.  I will be taking the Fundamentals of Engineering exam: mechanical on Saturday and then I have Christmas band concerts on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Life is going to be crazy for a while.  Between work and all these things, I won’t have that much time to write for my blog until Wednesday, so expect my next post late on Thursday.  I really want to write about Blame: volume one, so that’s the next post.  If I can squeeze time in to write, it might be earlier…but who knows?  Just wanted to warn you guys.


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