(Manga First Reaction) Blame: Volume 1



I survived the exam yesterday and there was enough time today to write something, so here it is.  Probably not the most exciting thing, but I wanted to talk about this volume of manga for a week or so.  Tomorrow and Tuesday will be busy, but I promise to work on something interesting…hopefully.

The actual post:


While anime has been airing more and more diverse genres recently, one genre that hasn’t been touched enough is cyber punk.  There used to be a huge cyber punk phase, but besides Psycho Pass and Dimension W (bleh), there has been nearly nothing recently.  Even mecha anime has had a small bit of resurgence recently.  By saying all this, you shouldn’t be surprised if I said that reading this volume of Blame has filled a hole that has been unaccommodated for a while.  Of course, I discovered that this it is from the late 90’s, which makes sense because that’s was the peak of the cyberpunk era.  Looking at the art work, you can’t tell that at all.

The greatest aspect of Blame is the art work.  So much detail goes into the setting and the characters that the world lived in and considering that this is set in a dystopian future where people hide from cyborgs, that is an important detail to have.  It seems like Blame doesn’t explain itself to anybody and there is barely any dialogue between characters, but the art work carries the load here.  This manga wants you to figure out things by yourself and I really love it for that.  It leaves a lot to the imagination and even if fans have different feelings and ideas towards Blame, that’s ok.

When I said there isn’t that much dialogue between them, that doesn’t that there isn’t any character in the story.  The main character’s name is Killy and he is searching for humans who have the Net Terminal Gene. This is a gene, like the name tells you, allows people to naturally connect to the web.  Each chapter is an episodic piece of Killy encountering humans in a different situation and him helping them out or them helping him out.  There is also those cyborgs looking for human genes for their own regeneration and a shadowy organization called “The Administration”, which isn’t the most original name.  The search for the Net Terminal Gene is what is main driving force of the story.  Still, this is volume one and the whole thing doesn’t need to be explained yet.  Only the world needs to be set up and it’s been set up extremely well.

In the end, I can’t wait for more.  I know that I have the second volume waiting for me to read on my tablet right now and there Is a Netflix movie of it that’s going to appear soon.  I think the movie is going to be interesting because the manga’s format should work perfectly for it.

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