Five Anime I’m glad I watched in 2016: Winter Edition

So I figured out how I am going to handle shows that last longer than one cour.  I am going to count them toward the season they ended on.  This is the only rule that I am putting toward this set of four posts I will be making.

The following are anime series that aired and ended during the Winter 2016 cour.  You may notice that Erased is missing.  While I did enjoy this series, I don’t feel like it was one of the best of the season.  The last few episodes felt so disjointed from the rest of it.  It was fantastic until then, but do know that I did enjoy it despite that flaw, but not as much as these others.

Lupin the third: Part 4

Lupin the third main title picture

It was a complete surprise when this appeared on Crunchyroll, but I’m glad it did.  If there is a single series that has consistent crazy hijinks through its franchise, it’s Lupin.  Part four is an incredible update of the original Lupin franchise in style, animation, and art direction and man is it wonderful.  Those of you who aren’t in the know, Lupin the third is a master thief that travels around with his pals the sharpshooter Jigen, the ever-quiet samurai with an invincible sword Goemon, and the femme fatale Fujiko.  This series includes a new cast member Rachel, who is incredibly rich, popular, and can do whatever she wants, but she starts thieving for fun and somehow joins the gang. It all takes place in Italy.  While the episodes are episodic, each episode is just as good in hijinks as the last.  If there was a single show that you can watch for the hijinks between good characters, it’s this one.  If you ever become interested in Lupin, this is the show to try.

Snow White with the Red Hair 2

Snow White with the red hair

Since this the second season of Snow White I knew what to expect, but this season upped the ante from the last one.  Snow White with the Red Hair is a shoujo anime that is set in medieval times.  While it doesn’t follow the story of Snow White in anyway, the anime is incredibly Disneyesque.  Shirayuki is a red headed apprentice herbalist who studies medicine in the castle where her beloved Prince Zen stays in.  While the first season’s day to day slice of life style was good, sometimes you want to watch a fantasy story for the adventure.  This season managed to handle both of those aspects.  More action, more ship fun, and the romance between Zen and Shirayuki is blossoming as well.  This was one of the shows that started me on the course of watching more shoujo series and I’m glad I did.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


I think that a lot of people will be shocked by this show’s appearance on this list, but I really liked it.  It is another one of those lost in video game anime, it is slow paced, there was too much random and unneeded fanservice, plust the characters barely had any personality in the beginning because of that good ol’ character’s having their memory erased thing, but it gets so good as it progresses.  The characters gain some personality and learn to trust each other, the concept of just fighting to gain enough money just to wear clean underwear was interesting, and it became a surprisingly thoughtful anime series.  I shouldn’t also mention that some of fighting choreography is fantastic.  Grimgar also picks up when the character Mary showed up and that’s because she caused the other characters to develop because navigating around here is like navigating around a mind field.  All in all, Grimgar was fascinating to watch.  I doubt it will ever happen, but I want a season two of this show just to see where it is going. 

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu

Durarara x2

I’m not sure how to start talking about this one.  I mean, this is the last set of episodes for Durarara.  If you haven’t watched Durarara, what can I tell you other than to GO WATCH IT.  I don’t know how else to describe it other than Durarara is about the life of the city of Ikebukuro.  There is high school student, of course, lots of different gangs, Russian mafia sushi chefs, zombie sword like people, a dullahan, and that’s just the start.  Basically, there is no one main character and I feel like that’s the point.  Durarara’s story telling is completely different from your usual anime.  Episodes are almost never linear.  One episode’s beginning can be another episode’s ending or visa versa.  That being said, the ride that Durarara can give you is incredible.  Ketsu is an entirety of Durarara’s finale and that’s what the show needs because there is so much going on that it can’t be concluded in two episodes.  I miss Durarara a lot and want to rewatch it at some point….if I ever get time.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju


If there is any way to describe Rakugo Shinju, it how the anime is like the first half of a musical tragedy play.  Instead of songs describing people’s feelings, Rakugo is used.  Rakugo is an ancient form of one man storytelling.  The story teller sits down and recites a story in front of audience with different sorts of voices and it was fantastic to watch in this anime.  You see, since this is the replacement for songs, you can tell the story teller’s state of mind by the story they are telling.   Rakugo is a story about stories, so you might be disappointed to know that this one is a bit of a classic and a flash back to the current Rakugo master’s youth.  Two opposite types of people adopted by a former master to learn Rakugo.  One is more of a free spirit that wants to have fun and make the audience have fun to and the other is incredibly structured and very stuck up.  Surprisingly, the two of them become great friends until a girl gets involved in the equation.  Not the most original thing, but it’s the execution that matters and it’s fantastic.  I can’t wait for the second half of this play in January.


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