5 Anime I’m Glad I watched in 2016: Summer Edition

I think most of you have probably guessed it by now.  These lists are my top five series from each season.  I decided that it was too hard to do a top five shows for the year, but doing it for each season isn’t so bad.  If one was to put these together, that would be my top 20 anime from the year.  This feels a lot more natural to me because narrowing down a list of shows that I consider good is a lot harder than one would think.  Believe me, I’ve tried.  My winter edition will be after I write all of my reviews for the shows that ended this season.  Right now, it’s very neck and neck with a lot of series for various different reasons.  I need to see how they end before I make the final decision.  Now to the list.

91 Days:

91 days Avilio
Avilo from 91 Days

This is the mobster anime I always wanted.  No immortal characters or people with special and inhuman abilities wandering around, just the mobsters carrying the show themselves.  This is rare, believe me.  91 Days revolves around two characters.  One is an empty vessel of a person after his parents were murdered one night who goes by the name Angelo Lagusa, and the other is a person who as there the night the other’s family was was murdered, Nero.  In one corner, there is Nero’s raise to power and in the other, Angelo’s quest for revenge.  You can imagine that these two ingredients don’t go well.  A lot like what you get when you mix Vinegar and Baking Soda together.  While the show does slowdown in the middle, I think this is something necessary to add some more emotional attachment to what is going on in the series.

Active Raid:

Active Raid

Okay, consider this one a personal thing for me.  I know that this series isn’t the best, but I had a lot of fun watching it.  Especially when it suddenly become darker and interesting half way through it’s second season.  For those of you who are not in the know, Active Raid is a series that revolves around police forces who use iron man suit to fight crime, usually against other iron man suits.  Each episode can be its own episodic adventure with some heavy meaning behind it, just be plain silly, or develop it’s ever going story.  Because it tries so hard to do many things, it is a barely above average show, but it hit me perfectly.   Active Raid’s characters are a little flat with few ever getting fully developed and the tone is consistent throughout, but I still can’t help but love this series.  I’m not sorry about the things that I like for a small amount of reasons.

Berserk (2016):


I think this series is another one that will confuse some people.  “But Scott, isn’t that the series with that horrible CG animation.”  You know what, it is.  Despite this aspect, everything else just worked so well.  The tone, the story, and the characters were all great.  While I am not a manga reader, I am glad that I had more Berserk to watch.  Gut continues his journey to find Casca after the eclipse and despite looking like a big ruffian, he had some solid development throughout this series.  Other side characters were decently developed as well making this series feel more well-rounded.  I’m glad I watched this week to week in the seasonal anime sense because I would have gone into some heavy depression binge watching this series.  The gore and blood shocked me each time I saw it, even though I knew this was Berserk.  In the end, this is a good show.  I can’t wait for more Berserk in the Spring of 2017.

Sweetness and Lightning:


Sweetness and Lightning is yet another anime that took me by surprise, which seems to happen a lot recently.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one at first, but as the series moved on I learned to love it more and more.  This anime stars three people.  Tsumugi, the five-year-old cute girl, Kouhei Inuzuka, the father whose wife recently passed away, and Kotori, the high school student who doesn’t want her family’s restaurant to close.  Surprise twist, these three are completely new to cooking and so they find a time to gather around Kotori’s mother’s restaurant and figure out how to cook different dishes.  You would think that would be all there is, but it’s not.  The emotional weight of the mother’s death is felt throughout the series.  Also, the characters felt so genuine that I had to love it. 

Mob Psycho 100:


When I first saw the preview material, I knew that I would love Mob Psycho 100.  Not only is this anime full of great animation, choreography, colors, and craziness, but there is also good characters and themes to it as well.  The only thing lacking slightly is the plot.  I guess I should talk about that a little more.  Kagayama Shigeo “Mob” is an eighth grader with over powered psychic abilities, but he doesn’t find enjoyment from using them because to him, his powers feel like just another thing he does.  His Mentor Reigin is a false psychic who uses his Mob’s power to extort money out of people.  While there is a great number of side characters, these two are the heart and soul of the show.  There are many challenges and many enemies that Mob must face throughout the anime.   People think that just because they have psychic powers, they have the right to lead people.  Mob disagrees with this philosophy.  There are a lot of circumstances where Mob is pushed to use 100% of his ability, which is why the show is called “Mob Psycho 100”.  It’s from One, the guy behind One Punch Man, but I think Mob Psycho is the better of the two.

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