Top Anime Changing Moments from 2016

I originally had trouble writing this list, but I feel like I finally came up with some ideas.  This is a list of things that I think changed the anime industry, even by a small margin.  Only two of these happened in anime, the rest are industry things.  If you have any more ideas of what changed anime this year, please let me know.  You guys probably have more creative ideas then I do.  Here are my five.

Shelter from Porter Robinson and A-1 Pictures


This is here not only because it’s a good music video, but because I think it’s something that represents the future of the anime industry itself.  It was completely ground breaking and caused quite a controversy amongst anime fans about what anime actually is for the 7000th time.  I even wrote a post about this at some point because I feel like I had a lot to say on the matter.

I think deals like this well become more common place in the future.   More than just music videos, I think whole anime will come from deals like this.  In some ways, it already has a long while ago with things like IGPX, Big O season two, and many others, but this is something news and more privatized.  I’m pretty excited about this development and I hope we see more of these kinds of deals in 2017 and beyond.

Anime Kickstarters


Once again this isn’t something that uniquely started in 2016, but it is something has gained a lot more prominence recently.  Let’s talk about the Escaflowne release that was originally funded by kickstarter.  Let’s talk about the Skip Beat dub that was funded by kickstarter.  What about Under the Dog finally appearing and going toward a bigger goal later on?  Even Mecha-Udes, which is something that is small time but isn’t any less important on any level.

What this shows is that direct money to the source of production companies is becoming more and more profitable, common place, and feasible as time goes on.   At this moment I don’t think it is possible for an entire anime series to be produced on kickstarter yet, but maybe later on if the audience is there.

Simulcast Dub Success/Funimation and Crunchyroll Deal


Yet another thing that started earlier, but has gained more prominence this year.  Especially with the deal between Crunchyroll and Funimation.  With this deal, dubs are something that funimation is going to focus on for now on.  Along with this, Anime News Network is now adding a dub component for each of the series they review weekly.  The change is happening.

People who only watch dubs used to wait two years after a series aired getting to watch it.  There was also a possibility of a dub never happening.  Now days, it only takes weeks.  That is such a huge change that is necessary in today’s anime market.  We having been getting anime on legal streaming sites an hour or so after it aired in Japan, so this is a great change for dub fans.

I also must add, whoever thought Funimation and Crunchyroll would work together?  Isn’t that phenomenal?

Anime series being revived and Older Manga adaptions

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Picture riding a crow.jpg

This has been a good year for returning anime.  D. Gray-man came back after eight years, The Osomatsu series came back with Osomatsu-san and huge sales (Volume one sold over 100,000 blu-ray copies), Lupin had another fantastic installment, Berserk came back after a long time and will have another season soon, apparently Sailor Moon Crystal had a good season, and the Tiger Mask franchise came back with came back with Tiger Mask W.  .  I know that I haven’t covered all of them, but this is quite a lot.  Whether or not a lot of these are good or not, these are all big deals.

For older manga adaptions, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is still in full force and Ushio Tora came out this year.  I’m glad this became a fad because I’m interested in knowing more material from the past.

The Kiss from Yuri on Ice

yuri on ice kiss.jpg

This is a ground breaking moment for sports anime.  Sports anime is notorious for teasing moments fan girls obsess about, but Yuri on Ice seems to have taken this in full force and its ground breaking because it did it.  The kiss (yes it was a kiss) was only a start because…engagement rings.  I’m looking forward to see how all this plays out in the end because this might change anime as we know it.  Or not, it’s hard to predict with anime shenanigins.

8 thoughts on “Top Anime Changing Moments from 2016

  1. Excellent list! I’m one of the ones who relentlessly flooded people’s timelines on Twitter with that now iconic Viktuuri kiss. And I like how you included Shelter. The debate of whether it’s an anime or not looks ridiculous on the surface, but it’s something that needs to happen in order to know which direction the future of anime will take. I really like this post. Great job!

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